Review: Gender Swap Competeition: Loser Becomes a Lady by Sophie Pert

Review: Gender Swap Competeition: Loser Becomes a Lady by Sophie PertGender Swap Competition: Loser Becomes a Lady by Sophie Pert
on June 21, 2017
Pages: 53
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They had been best friends for a long time and were always competing, for sports, for grades, for women. Two guys in head to head competition, neck in neck the whole way along, handsome and muscular and inseparable.

But that was about to change.

This latest competition raised the stakes, it’s winner take all to determine who is the real man. Because the winner gets all the masculinity there is to go around, gets bigger and more built than ever before. The loser? Well the loser becomes a delicate and beautiful woman.

Who will win? How will things change? How far will the loser go to give the winner their true reward?

Gender Swap Competition: Loser Becomes a Lady is the story of a man losing a competition and finding himself turned into a woman and falling into the extra muscular arms of his best friend. This steamy story is only for adults.

Another fairly short gender-bending story, Gender Swap Competition doesn’t bother with much plot or setup, instead preferring to deliver what purist readers of the genre want – transformation and release.

Two friends who are intensely competitive with one another find themselves once more at odds when they vie for the attention of a beautiful girl in a bar.  When the winner, who is the beneficiary of some back alley fun, returns home to his surly friend, they engage in a few rounds of video game warfare, their feet propped up on a mysterious antique now serving as their coffee table.  As one loses and the other emerges from the rounds victorious, the two men find themselves shifting, one, the loser, to a more feminine state while the other becomes hyper-masculine.  Of course, the result is some sexy good times as they grow into their roles.

There’s not much to say about a story like this.  It’s to-the-point and decently written, and should satisfy those who read such stories for the immediate fantasy with no frills like deep characters or plot or situational drama.  It is simply a tool to aid in fantasies, and, at that level, is perfectly competent.  For those of us who demand a bit more from our stories, you may find this to be a disappointment, if a pleasant diversion.


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