Training Emily

Now that Emily has accepted her new fate as a sissy, she must be perfected under the tutelage of the enigmatic Miss Cade. While she learns her new place, a world of sexual opportunity reveals itself, and Emily may find that she has never been happier than serving as an owned sissy!

Lila Drake and the Vampire Queen

A direct sequel to Lila Drake and the Sting of the Succubus, this new chapter sends the gender-swapped heroine plunging into the dark world of vampires. When an old friend arrive with a dire warning, Lila is pulled into a war between ancient vampire clans, and the victor could spell doom for the human race!

Trick and Treat 4

Stacy and her friends are out for a good time on Halloween night, excited to celebrate their burgeoning freedoms. When they encounter the seductive Caroline, they are invited to a party at Wyrmwood House, long-known to be the local haunted house. Once inside, the boys and girls find themselves subject to the whims of Caroline and her mentor, Dorothea Wyrmwood. Inside the house, hucows and sexy vampires, goo girls and more await! How will survive a night in Wyrmwood House and what will be left of them?

Becoming Emily

Richie was only trying to save a failing relationship when the crash occurred. Taken from the wreckage and presumed dead, he is introduced to a new life as a servile sissy under the care of the striking Miss Cade. He is altered in both body and mind as Cade wears down his previous identity to leave behind only the docile and delicate Emily. Can he resist her methods or does he even want to?

A Period of Adjustment

When a new neighbor, Sam, moves in with an experimental device giving him power over the very nature of reality, neighbors Taylor and Debbie are bit-by-tantalizing-bit altered to suit his whims. As their lives grow more sordid, Sam fashions a fate for them befitting his godlike powers and makes his sexiest fantasies come true!

Isle de Noir

A research expedition leads a research team to a remote island off the southern coast of Africa in search of a lost civilization. There, the team realizes that an ancient power on the island has awoken, and is eager to rebuild a lost civilization using their bodies to fill the tribe!

Muffy the Demon Slayer: Who Are You?

With her body changed by the events of Crimson Moon, Muffy struggles to come to terms with life as a Slayer in a bimbo’s body. But there’s no rest for the weary as a new threat emerges, one which preys on Muffy’s friends, transforming them into doll-like ideals.


When Spencer Wilson discovers a way to turn his middle-aged, cold fish of a wife into a younger, sex-hungry version of herself, he leaps at the chance. But a bargain made with the head confectioner of Sweet's comes with certain rules, and when those rules aren't followed to the letter...

Lila Drake and the Sting of the Succubus

Dylan Drake is a different kind of investigator, the kind that haunts the darker corners of Los Angeles, tracking down the denizens of the night. When he finds himself poisoned by a sexy succubus, his whole world will change and the newest fight will be the one inside him.

Beauty, Frozen

When the lights go out at the local mall, Donnie begins his rounds. Fascinated by the mannequins on display and driven by his own feminine desires, a simple security guard will find himself in an impossible fantasy, but one that might allow him to become the woman he’s always wanted to be!


Three friends exploring the depths of a cave find themselves in a new world – Kal’an. Here, magic and a primitive patriarchal society awaits, twisting the young men’s minds and bodies to suit the elite of Kal’an. One among them, Dani, will find himself drawn into a greater adventure, where fierce warrior woman fight for freedom in a land that demands their subservience. Dani will have to fight for his own freedom before he can save his friends in the savage world of mystical transformation and bondage!

The Boy with the Butterfly Tattoo

Steven and Elliot are two frat boys out for a night of fun. When a tattoo artist named Rosie refuses service after they insult Rosie and her girlfriend, Desi, the sultry lesbian will give Steven something more than permanent ink - he'll get a whole new outlook on life!

Futa Pharaoh

The name Nafrini has been stricken from the history of Egypt, but the futa queen rises again in modern day New York. A security guard unwittingly releases the embodiment of lust on an unsuspecting city where she begins to amass her power. Only a young and beautiful historian can save the world, but first she must discover her own true nature before the alluring Queen seduces her and those she loves most!

Her First Sissy

Elaine's work as a hypnotherapist brings the young and slightly feminine Mark into her office. During a session to curb his smoking, Elaine uncovers a deeper desire - Mark wants to be a sissy! His trance-induced confession awakens something deep withing the beautiful therapist, and both Mark and Elaine find themselves on a journey of personal fulfillment that will uncover and satisfy their most hidden desires!

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