Review: Understanding Steve by M.C. Questgend

Understanding Steve by M.C. Questgend on October 16, 2017 Pages: 105 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Understanding Steve is a sad tale of true love and coping with the confusion of gender identity. The death of someone close throws Chris’ life into a tailspin of confusion and depression. Feeling alone he finds comfort in mutual friends, […]

New Story! Training Emily!

  Welcome to November and the first story of the month!  Getting back to the story of Emily, her new life as a sissy has begin, but there is still much to learn and surprises await!  Also, this is certainly the most sex-filled story in a bit, so enjoy!  The final chapter in the Emily […]

Review: Re-Form School by T.G. Cooper

Re-Form School by T.G. Cooper on March 17, 2017 Pages: 50 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Frank has been demoted to girl. After a life committing petty crimes and reveling in rebellion, the state has decided he no longer deserves male status and must attend Re-Form school, where he will reshaped into a docile and subservient […]

Review: Just Enough Magic by Stacey Zackerly

Just Enough Magic by Stacey Zackerly on October 7, 2017 Pages: 77 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Being the same age, and living up next door to each other, Kyle and Nykki grew up the best of friends. Nykki had a way of getting Kyle to go along with her plans, which usually included Kyle taking […]

Review: Swapped from a Husband to a Wife by Felina Taylor

Swapped from a Husband to a Wife: Forced Feminization, Transformation & Gender Swap by Felina Taylor on October 25, 2017 Pages: 95 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Since her boyfriend is coming over to spend the night with her, Julie tells her husband Billie that she wants him to pretend to be a female! He fusses […]

New Story! Lila Drake and the Vampire Queen!

Halloween is almost here and to wind down the month-long celebration of spooky and sexy stories, we check back in with the gender-swapped supernatural detective, Lila Drake!  This time, Lila is drawn into the world of vampires looking to gain a foothold in Los Angeles and beyond.  With the aid of her old friend Rennie […]