Review: Becoming Kelly: A Genderswap Adventure by D.L. Savage

Becoming Kelly: A Genderswap Adventure by D.L. Savage

The body swap story is a tough one to do, especially if you want to do something truly unique with it.  While Becoming Kelly has no ambitions to do anything drastically different, it does more than enough right to keep things interesting, and author D.L. Savage allows the story to grow into a substantial length, giving characters and readers alike time to grow into something more than your average fare.

Our main character, Tony, is s decent-enough guy, who is attracted to his close female friend, Kelly.  While he works to extricate himself from the ‘friend zone,’ his would-be girlfriend finds a book of magic (naturally) which allows the duo to swap bodies.  After the expected romp between the two while inhabiting each other’s bodies, Tony and Kelly decide to see how the other half lives, assuming one another’s lives for the time being.  When Kelly (in Tony’s body) calls up to inform him that she has gotten his body a tattoo, Tony foregoes any sense of decency and begins testing the sexual limits of his new body, discovering a voracious appetite for sexual gratification in his new feminine body.

I wish the tension which develops later had been more fully explored, when Tony (as Kelly) avoids returning to his old body because of the incredible pleasure he can now taste.  It’s certainly an element of the story, but this unique facet might have spun the tale into a new and unique storyline, but that tension quickly resolves itself.

Still, Becoming Kelly is long on well-conceived scenes of sexuality and a fine central character, even if Kelly herself remains a bit two-dimensional.  There is also an epilogue, and one that I won;t spoil, but suffice it to say that the story contains sexuality of all kinds, and those who don’t truck with descriptions of homosexual sex of either gender may do well to avoid this one.  Otherwise, this is a better-than-average and enjoyable body swap tale.

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