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Review: Understanding Steve by M.C. Questgend

Understanding Steve by M.C. Questgend on October 16, 2017 Pages: 105 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Understanding Steve is a sad tale of true love and coping with the confusion of gender identity. The death of someone close throws Chris’ life into a tailspin of confusion and depression. Feeling alone he finds comfort in mutual friends, […]

New Story! Training Emily!

  Welcome to November and the first story of the month!  Getting back to the story of Emily, her new life as a sissy has begin, but there is still much to learn and surprises await!  Also, this is certainly the most sex-filled story in a bit, so enjoy!  The final chapter in the Emily […]

Review: Re-Form School by T.G. Cooper

Re-Form School by T.G. Cooper on March 17, 2017 Pages: 50 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Frank has been demoted to girl. After a life committing petty crimes and reveling in rebellion, the state has decided he no longer deserves male status and must attend Re-Form school, where he will reshaped into a docile and subservient […]

Review: Just Enough Magic by Stacey Zackerly

Just Enough Magic by Stacey Zackerly on October 7, 2017 Pages: 77 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Being the same age, and living up next door to each other, Kyle and Nykki grew up the best of friends. Nykki had a way of getting Kyle to go along with her plans, which usually included Kyle taking […]

Review: Swapped from a Husband to a Wife by Felina Taylor

Swapped from a Husband to a Wife: Forced Feminization, Transformation & Gender Swap by Felina Taylor on October 25, 2017 Pages: 95 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Since her boyfriend is coming over to spend the night with her, Julie tells her husband Billie that she wants him to pretend to be a female! He fusses […]

New Story! Lila Drake and the Vampire Queen!

Halloween is almost here and to wind down the month-long celebration of spooky and sexy stories, we check back in with the gender-swapped supernatural detective, Lila Drake!  This time, Lila is drawn into the world of vampires looking to gain a foothold in Los Angeles and beyond.  With the aid of her old friend Rennie […]

Review: Log In by John Dylena

Log In by John Dylena on October 19, 2017 Pages: 25 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Virtual Reality is one thing, Fully Immersive VR is an entirely different experience. One that all the senses can enjoy. Ted is a hardcore gamer, and when a new game is released that makes even the newest tech seem decades […]

New Story – Trick and Treat 4!

Happy Halloween everyone!  The first story in our spooky celebration begins with another entry into the Trick and Treat series.  Now that there are two witches within Wyrmwood House, I wanted to play with some different types of transformations, including an old reliable or two.  I hope you enjoy it! You can find Trick and Treat 4 […]

Review: Wager Into Womanhood by Ann Michelle

Wager Into Womanhood (Part One) by Ann Michelle on September 25, 2017 Pages: 122 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Max is an arrogant sexist with a submissive wife and an inability to turn down any bet. Will is a househusband with a dominant wife who just caught him having an affair. Both of their lives are […]

Review: Texas Hold ‘Em by Sara James

Texas Hold ‘Em by Sara James on September 23rd 2017 Goodreads The popular saying about everything from Texas being bigger is the main reason Ken’s favorite football team – and their famous cheerleading squad – is from the Lone Star state. When he has a chance to win big at his weekly poker game, he […]

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