Updates and New Stories!


So, busy couple of weeks here at Bloom headquarters!  First, thank you again to all the wonderful people who have read the stories and especially to those who have reviewed them, too!  So, first things first… Two new stories are now available.  The first is the beginning of a ponygirl trilogy called The Stable Games.  The first in the series is Lily of the Field and you can click on the title to read a sample or get a copy of your very own.

Next, the second in the Inferno series is out!  Transmission is the middle chapter in the planned trilogy, and, if you missed the first part, Infection,  you can pick it up for just $.99 at Smashwords and Amazon.  It’s darker than the usual stories, if anything I write can be described as “usual,” but I enjoy working on something with a little bite.

Lastly, the next story in the Pink Institute series is coming soon.  I think this current trilogy will be the last of the Pink Institute stories for a while, but you never know!

A quick thanks to the fine people at Bending the Bookshelf.  They’ve been very kind to my work and I hop by quite a bit to see what the competition is up to.  They’re wonderful, friendly folks and, for my readers who enjoy the gender-bending tales, a wonderful resource to find new fiction.

More soon!


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