On the Other Hoof…


One of the great things about writing erotica is the opportunity to explore fantasies of all kinds.  Many readers have been loyal to certain series or a certain motif, like revenge stories or gender-bending stories, and hearing responses from readers and even suggestions for different stories has been an honor and a pleasure.

And then came a message from a reader who said she responded to the ponygirls mentioned in Island Retreat and the sequel (sorry, shameless plug!), which are mentioned only briefly as part of the farm-like tableau of the island.  That message lead me into some voyeuristic knocking about the internet, and these background characters from a story I’d done a while back suddenly fired my imagination.

With the most recent Pink Institute story completed, I wanted to try something a little different, and explore a kink that I was curious about, but woefully unfamiliar.  I will never profess to be an expert in the area, but I knew I wanted to write about it, to explore the transfer of power there and even the nobility inherent in someone nudged from their humanity into something else.

And so, next week, you should be seeing “Lily of the Field.”  For those of you who have experience with lifestyle ponyplay, I will probably commit egregious sins in the telling of the tale, but I hope you will find I treat the ponies themselves with respect, as well as those who train and own them.

All for now, time to get back to Lily in her stall…  I can’t wait for everyone to meet her and the seductive Mistress Elena!


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