Review: An Asteroid Changed Me Into a Sexy 1950s Housewife by Dwindle Gee

Review: An Asteroid Changed Me Into a Sexy 1950s Housewife by Dwindle GeeAn Asteroid Changed Me Into A Sexy 1950's Housewife: An erotic and explicit story of gender transformation (Body Swap, Feminization, Role Reversal) by Dwindle Gee
on May 2, 2017
Pages: 68
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An asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and no one knows if it will hit our planet eradicating all life as we know it or whiz harmlessly by. Will Earth be detonated in a grand cosmic event? Well of course not. There wouldn’t be much of a tale if that were to happen! In this intensely erotic , explicit, and lighthearted story of gender transformation we follow the lusty and sensual exploits of a young married couple who have transformed into the opposite sex through some bizarre event caused by the celestial event. We focus on Charles, an up and coming lawyer in 1957 as he discovers the wonders of his new buxom and sensuously feminine form, how he has transformed not only physically but emotionally as well. Charles experiences not only new desires, lustful urges for his wife who is now a man, but also what it feels like for a woman to walk – bounce and jiggle really – through a man’s world.
This intensely erotic story will keep the pages turning as Charles uncovers the secret desires and internal passions of the female sex as he – now she – wanders through the soft, delicate, and sensual world of the fairer sex yearning for emotional and physical fulfillment.

I am so of two minds about this book.  On the one hand, I adore the idea of an asteroid sweeping close to earth, leaving in its wake gender-swapped men and women who are forced to live lives the opposite of what they were before?  How would society handle it?  How would the dynamics of a marriage change, as it might for Rebecca and Charles, who find themselves inhabiting new roles in their marriage?  It’s a great premise for a story and the opening pages are terrific.

And the Gee gets around to the ‘erotica’ side of the tg erotica tale.  It’s here that I find the language Gee uses to be tonally inappropriate for the story.  maybe it’s my own failing, in that I was expecting a more straightforward, if playful, story.  Instead, it felt like the setup was merely the framing device for a series of lengthy sex scenes, which Gee uses to explore the vast array of ways one can describe male and female genitalia.  The scenes are fun, don’t get me wrong, but the description range from the hilariously colloquial to the more serious, making it feel less erotic than like some thesaurus of sexuality.

There is a scene where the bodyswapped Charles goes to a grocery store, easily falling into his role as a housewife, where we, the readers, are able to see the effects of the asteroid on others.  It’s one of the few moments where Gee allows the story to explore the world left behind in the wake of the asteroid’s passing, and it is by far one of the most satisfying of the story.  I so wish there had been more moments like this, perhaps even following Rebecca to work, or to allow Charles to embrace more fully his new place as a housewife.  All of these details are secondary to the more elaborate sexual encounters, which one certainly wants in a piece of erotica, but the story felt largely ignored.

As usual with these kinds of stories, there are some misspellings and odd grammatical turns, but nothing egregious.  I would have preferred that Gee spent more time outside the bedroom, but I am perhaps in a minority in that I need more narrative for the sex scenes to feel earned somehow.  That said, if you want to see how many ways you can describe two people copulating, this is a great primer.

Only recommended for those who want the story to take a back seat to the sex.


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