Review: Swapped from a Husband to a Wife by Felina Taylor

Review: Swapped from a Husband to a Wife by Felina TaylorSwapped from a Husband to a Wife: Forced Feminization, Transformation & Gender Swap by Felina Taylor
on October 25, 2017
Pages: 95
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Since her boyfriend is coming over to spend the night with her, Julie tells her husband Billie that she wants him to pretend to be a female! He fusses a bit but secretly enjoys it when she shaves him, puts makeup and lipstick on him, and then curls his hair and dresses him up like a woman. What he doesn’t like is that she locks him into chastity for the night! However, as fate would have it, when Julie’s boyfriend arrives, she isn’t finished getting dressed so she asks her feminized husband to open the door and welcome him in, which he gladly does. When Julie finally joins them, what she doesn’t expect to see is that since she did such a nice job of sissifying her husband, he looks so feminine and so pretty that she finds her boyfriend paying intimate attention to him! Naturally, she puts a stop to the fun and subjects her husband to a humiliating, embarrassing situation! Cuckolded and sad, he later meets a beautiful, but strange older woman who in exchange for him fulfilling her needs, promises Billie that she will fulfill his most secret desire which he admits is to become a real woman! How will that work out with his wife? This erotic fiction story contains explicit sex between m/f and m/m, forced feminization, forced bi, transformation erotica, gender swap, female domination, Facesitting, sissy slave, cuckold erotica, forced chastity, spanking, and much more! For Adults Only!

Somehow I have managed to get by without reading Felina Taylor, despite her frequent trips into the realm of sissy and feminization literature.  “Swapped from a Husband o a Wife” is the most recent as of this review, and it’s always nice to run across an author I know so little about.

I wish I had enjoyed this first foray into Taylor’s work, but I have my reservations.  The story is familiar enough – a sissy husband married to the dominant Julie prepares for an evening of satisfying his wife’s lover, as well as Julie herself.  The first third plays like an extending sex scene as we are introduced to the humiliating treatment of her husband by Julie.  He is dressed and caged, queened and promised more humiliation for later.  When the cuckolding Mike arrives, our sissy protagonist is not only used for oral gratification, but his ‘cherry is popped’ as the story tell sus with his first anal encounter.  This would almost be enough for a single story, or, rather, a single snapshot from the life of a sissy.  Taylor, though, has other plans and the story takes a slightly more supernatural/technological bent as a trip to the fair results in a witch-costumed doctor stealing our hero away to be truly feminized.

There’s a bit of a twist ending I won’t spoil, but regular readers of these types of stories should sniff out the ending quickly enough.  While I liked much of the description in “Swapped from a Husband to a Wife,” the writing is very straightforward and rarely ventures into the realm of feeling ‘literary.’  The first half is essentially a precisely-described sex scene between sissified husband,w wife and male lover.  The second half becomes a confusing blend of science, wish fulfillment and magic that I’m still not certain I can successfully explain.  It’s too much for a story this short, and still wedges in some lactation play along the way that feels likewise shoehorned into this story.

While I don’t think the writing is bad, nor do I think the story is without merit, but it’s all disorganized and too Hemingway-esque in its lack of more poetic description.  My advice to Taylor, who certainly owes me no consideration, would be to find an idea and run with that, explore it in more detail, as opposed to combining so many disparate ingredients into the same story.  For those who are only looking for the quick release of a lengthy sex scene, this may work, but for those looking for a real story, this will satisfy few.


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