Review: Step Into My Shoes: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. Singer

Review: Step Into My Shoes: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. SingerStep Into My Shoes: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. Singer
on April 24th 2017
Pages: 20
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I'm sick of Sam taking me for granted. I do all the housework, take care of the kids, and work full time on top of it all.

When I get an email from an unknown address that claims I can swap bodies with my husband, I think it's some kind of joke. But, when we wake up in each others' bodies the next day, it's anything but funny for Sam.

Now, he's got no choice to see what it's like to be me.

Once he gets home from a hectic day at the office, he admits that he should help out more. Sam also admits something else: he's been thinking about sex all day and wants to get out of my shoes and into my pants.

We have tons of hot, gender swapped sex. Not only did I get to teach my husband a valuable lesson, but we both got to see what it's like to have sex in the other one's body - over and over again.

*** This 5,500-word gender swap transformation erotic story contains scenes of intense, passionate sex between two consenting gender swapped adults. ***

You can tell with a title like this, this is a story meant for a very specific audience, which just so happens to be the same audience I am both a member of and an author for. I suppose that’s why i bristle so much at the stories that feel like obvious attempts to capitalize on a market and not tell a story.

Sam and Lisa are a couple in a rut. Lisa is a working mother who is also responsible for many of the homemaking duties when she’s not fulfilling her role as an attorney. When she receives a mysterious email with a magic spell, she has the opportunity to turn the tables on Sam and the pair find themselves in one another’s bodies.

What follows is pretty much what you would expect. Sam realizes Lisa does far more than he ever gave her credit for and gains a new appreciation for the struggles of working women. Along the way, the pair engage in some rowdy sex and steal away to a cove for more sex and a little discussion about their respective roles in the marriage.

All of this would be great if it weren’t so thinly presented. The revelations from Sam come a bit too easily, we have no scenes of the pair interacting awkwardly with their kids or at work. It’s a short-short, I know, but when you’re dealing with a topic as rich as the differences between men and women in the workplace and in the bedroom, it all falls flat.

The sex scenes are well-written enough to be enjoyable, but there are no emotional stakes to it. If you’re looking for a story that satisfies on the most superficial of levels, Step Into My Shoes may work for you. For someone who works so much in this genre, it felt like a thin effort and lacking any unique attributes to recommend it over any number of similar stories.


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