Review: Re-Form School by T.G. Cooper

Review: Re-Form School by T.G. CooperRe-Form School by T.G. Cooper
on March 17, 2017
Pages: 50
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Frank has been demoted to girl. After a life committing petty crimes and reveling in rebellion, the state has decided he no longer deserves male status and must attend Re-Form school, where he will reshaped into a docile and subservient female.

T.G. Cooper is always reliable for a fun and focused trip through the forced feminization tales. and the latest, “Re-Form School,” is no different.  Using a near-trademarked brand of feminization at the hands of dominant teachers, Cooper lays out a surprisingly sensual tale without the use of much in the way of explicit sex.

Unlike many stories in which the protagonist is some rogue who has been given an alternative to prison, or some other contrivance, Cooper envisions a world in which gender roles are so precisely defined, those who fail to conform to their biological gender in terms of social norms, these individuals are sent to reeducation centers where they may be properly inducted into a new gender, one which the state has deemed more befitting of their natural urges.  Unfortunately for Frank, that means a new name (Sabrina), effeminate slippers and a dainty gown… that is until he can progress up the ladder of femininity to be accepted back into society as a proper girl.

In this world, girls are the doting, vapid, soon-to-be wives that their gender stereotypes suggest, and such behavior is conditioned into these new girls.  With each step up the ladder, more of their masculinity is stripped away, until all that is left is a submissive and gentle young woman.  Those who resist are treated to further conditioning, and one of the more enjoyable scenes of the book is the revelation of the fate of one such escapee.

I won’t spoil the ending, but Cooper does take us outside the school for a deeper look at the world and the shame and acceptance of these new girls, and I wish there had been a bit more exploring this setting.  Still, there are plenty of interesting characters and situations to make “Re-Form School” an easy recommendation, even if some of its best ideas are frustratingly unexplored.  In the grand scale of T.G. Cooper’s previous work, it sits somewhere in the upper tier, but not a classic, of which Cooper is certainly capable.  Still, the image of Cooper’s ‘bunnies’ will linger with me, and I’d be very curious to hear what others thought!


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