Review: Log In by John Dylena

Review: Log In by John DylenaLog In by John Dylena
on October 19, 2017
Pages: 25
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Virtual Reality is one thing, Fully Immersive VR is an entirely different experience. One that all the senses can enjoy.

Ted is a hardcore gamer, and when a new game is released that makes even the newest tech seem decades old, he doesn't hesitate to buy it. He creates his character, the ideal version of himself: strong, fit, handsome, and logs in.

There's a new digital world out there to explore, where anything is possible...


I’m a bit behind in my reviews and I still have a longer on the way, probably for next week, but I found some time for a short and sweet tidbit from John Dylena.  Exploring some themes I find interesting myself in terms of the effects and possibilities of virtual reality, Dylena here uses this as a tool for transformation, and I think there is material yet to be mined employing this tool.  That aside, Dylena here does a nice job of explaining virtual reality with enough real-world ties that it all feels oddly grounded.

Ted, the hero of or tale, is an out-of-shape IT support technician whose job pays him well enough to indulge in the latest and greatest in entertainment technology.  Coupled with his attraction to his co-worker, Alexandria, he has enough motivation to maintain his current lifestyle and enjoy a vacation.  This vacation will happen far away from beaches and tourist destinations, instead taking place entirely within a virtual reality multiplayer game.

As readers of these stories might imagine, an odd glitch transforms his muscular warrior character into a buxom woman, more focused on stealth and persuasion.  Stunned by his new appearance (and the sensations which accompany it), Ted finds a companion in his sexy boss from work, also logged into the game, but unaware that the beautiful player joining her is her male co-worker… for now.

“Log In” is a very quick story, but filled with little details that make the story more realistic, inasmuch as a story about VR gender bending can be.  The end of the story has a Twilight Zone-esque quality, but remains satisfying.  It was a quick, satisfying kiss in the dark of a story that left me wanting more, but definitely satisfies as a standalone piece.  For fans of short-short tg fiction and those, like myself, who find the idea of virtual worlds to be filled with opportunity, this is a wonderfully fun read.


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  • Thanks, I just bought a copy based on your review (and liking John’s work in the past). It sounds very slightly similar to the saga I’ve just started publishing. If you’d like me to gift you a copy, just let me know. It would be grand if you left an honest review, but it’s not necessary. The gift would come with no strings attached. I should add that I’ve bought lots of your books, too, since I enjoy them so much!

    • Oh, sure! Just email it over to me, or shoot me the title and I can grab it. Thank you so much!

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