Review: Doctor Swap: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. Singer

Review: Doctor Swap: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. SingerDoctor Swap: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by R.L. Singer
on May 14, 2017
Pages: 24
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Harrison and Maddie are medical doctors doing their residencies together. While she finds him to be incredibly handsome and intelligent, Maddie also thinks he can be a real jerk.

What Harrison doesn't know is that Maddie, like her mother before her, is a witch. When she finally gets fed up with the way he treats women, Maddie casts a gender swap spell on him.

With no other choice, Harrison is forced to see what it's like to be a woman. He's trapped inside Maddie's beautiful body while she's inside his. Unwilling to switch him back until he learns his lesson, Maddie has plenty of time to explore his masculine physique.

And, when the two are alone, they learn something about each other - that they've both been attracted to each other for a long time. The two have plenty of gender swapped sex, which could end up being the start of a long, happy relationship.

A story like Doctor Swap is a bit of a challenge to review.  It is a typical story in the gender swap genre, and does little to surprise.  And yet, it is a completely competent story with enough of a heart to keep it from falling into the realm of a cynically-written story published for purely mercenary reasons.

In this story, Maddie is a doctor, who also happens to be a witch.  When menstrual cramps force her to ask for some help covering a shift from the very handsome but haughty Harrison, she gives him the opportunity to see what life is like in her shoes after he refuses her requests.  As you would imagine, the two explore their new bodies alone, and then together.  What makes the story more than ‘another one of those’ is the emotion that rises in the latter half of the short, where Maddie, in Harrison’s body, finds herself avoiding thoughts of giving her victim his body back.  Not because he hasn’t learned his lesson, but because she finds herself falling for the feminized doctor, and his reputation as a ladies’ man suggests that Maddie will be cast aside after the swap is done.

This is definitely a case where I wish Singer had written more.  While the sex scenes are fine, and the writing is consistent throughout, it’s this conflict of Maddie’s desire for a relationship with Harrison that sparks the most interest.  The notion of intimacy fueled by literally having experienced life as your partner is an intriguing one, but is a bit under served given the brevity of the story.  While the conclusion comes as no surprise, it’s satisfying nonetheless.

While Doctor Swap is mostly a forgettable entry into a crowded body swap subgenre, the romance on display lifts it above much of the pack, but cannot elevate it to the ranks of a must-read.  If you like body swap revenge story, this is a gentle one, but one I enjoyed.  I don;t believe it will last long in my memory, but it was an above average diversion and certainly made me curious to read more of Singer’s work.


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