New Story! Kal’an!

In a recent interview with Kella Z. Driel, I mentioned I’ve been trying to get a story loosely based on the Gor novels done.  After returning to it with fresh eyes, I am incredibly pleased to say that it has arrived!  The first of three planned stories, Kal’an tells the tale of three friends who find a passage to a new world while exploring the darkest depths.  Unfortunately for them, there’s no way home!  Soon, they are captured and transformed into the more pleasing ta, eager and nubile servants of the elite of Kal’an.

They will sound find themselves in a struggle between this magical and primitive kingdom and the warrior women of the Hu’den.

I have to admit, I love this story and I look forward to beginning book two very soon!  I really hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you’re enjoying the series and world of Kal’an!

You can find it in all formats here at Smashwords and on Amazon here!

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