New Story! The Jiggly Curse of Hooter Holler!

Hooter 1 Small


Sometimes you just want to have a little fun, and that’s what The Jiggly Curse of Hooter Holler is all about.  It came from an old chat room trope from about a million years ago where a song could lead to a physical transformation, so, using that as the basis, I dropped four excitable young men into a situation they couldn’t possibly escape.  It combines two of my favorite things – bimbos and gender transformation – and infuses a Southern twist.  I hope you enjoy it!

It is, for now, an Amazon exclusive, but if you don’t use Kindle or just hate Amazon, it will be available in other formats shortly.  For now, you can get it right here!  Just be careful you don’t find yourself singing along!

I’d also like to point out that you can commission stories from me on my Patreon page here.  So far, two people have done so and I’m working on the first this very day.  You’ll all see the results soon.  Thanks, as always, for reading!

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