New Story! Call of the Faeries 2: Beyond the Door!

Call of the Faeries 2 Small


The first of the Patreon-sponsored stories is here, and it’s a sequel to one of the more obscure stories I’ve done.  I like playing with myths and legends, as you can see from Island of the Mermaids and Nymphet, and this falls squarely into that category.  It contains both gender and faerie transformations for your reading pleasure.  I hope you enjoy it and a great big thank you to the sponsor who commissioned the story!


You can find it on Smashwords here and on Amazon here!

2 Responses to “New Story! Call of the Faeries 2: Beyond the Door!

  • I am honored to be the first to have my story concept taken up by Lyka as a commission. I wrote two sentences of less than 25 words about what I would like to see, and this is the result! It’s amazing. Lyka pushed all the right buttons while producing a fully developed story that hit on all my briefly expressed ideas.

  • Thank you! And more to come!

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