New Story! If It’s Halloween, It’s Trick and Treat Time!


Halloween is upon us, and that means a new Trick and Treat story!  This time around, a quartet of young lovers and would-be lovers trespass upon Wyrmwood House and meet Dorothea, the resident witch.  As you might imagine, things don’t go as planned, and transformational fun ensues!

I love Halloween, and the habit of masks that often reveal how we truly are.  It’s always nice to dip into the world of make believe, especially when the fantasy is often more real than the so-called “normal life.”

Enough of my rambling…  You can find Trick and Treat 3: The Student Witch at Amazon here and in other formats on Smashwords here.

TaT Vol1 Small

Also, if you’ve missed the previous tales, you can get all three stories in one volume at a reduced price on Amazon here and at Smashwords here.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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