New Story! Day of the F-Virus!

Beautiful athletic woman showing muscles on smoke

My latest story is a return to the world of the F-Virus, which basically ended with the apocalypse.  So, what comes next?  Well, here’s the official synopsis:

While the F-Virus rages above, turning men into feminized and docile servants and the women into alpha futas, a group of scientists and military personnel survive in an underground shelter. As a cure for the virus continues to elude the science team, tensions rise due to dwindling supplies and frayed patience by the military support team.

When one doctor makes a breakthrough in the virus’s study, his ethics are called into question, leading to a chain reaction of transformation and betrayal.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite things I’ve done, marrying a good story with some of the steamiest futa scenes I’ve written.  I hope you enjoy it!

You can find it on Smashwords here and coming soon to Amazon!

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