Hot Flash: Sweet Like Candy


Becca realized with surprise and alarm that the first thing she felt was air on her skin.  She jerked upright, hands flying to her chest to cover herself, but found that she was, at the very least, wearing a bra.  Oddly, it wasn’t hers.  It as bright pink, with a soft fur trim around the edges.  Her panties were the same, but the rest of her body was exposed.

She tried to piece together the events that led her here.  She’d been drinking with a friend at the bar near the office she worked in, the usual Friday night routine.  Somewhere between the bar and home, she’d been taken.  She vaguely remembered the man in the dark raincoat and low-slung hat, obscuring his features.  He’d said something she couldn’t quite place and then extending his palm, blowing across the plane of his skin and pushing some fine dust into her eyes and nose.  She remembered the dust as she inhaled it, leaving a sweet taste on her tongue.

She could still taste it, something like sugar, but finer than that.  It seemed like the air in the room she had awoken in was filled with it.  She looked around, taking in her surroundings and had to strain to believe what she was seeing.  The room was largely white, with pink décor that matched the underwear she had been dressed in, but everything was of a larger scale.  She realized she was sitting in a chair that dwarfed her medium-sized frame, her legs hanging over the side but easily a foot or more off the floor.  If she extended her arms outward, she could reach the armrests, and the back of the chair loomed over her head.

But it wasn’t just the chair.  There was a bed that she realized she would have to climb into if she wanted to get into it, a dresser with a mirror that she would have to raise on her tiptoes to peer into and drawers that she would need both hands to open.  On the floor were scattered toys – blocks that she would need both hands to lift and dolls that were almost as tall as her thigh.  In the corner was a large stuffed bear that she could have easily perched in the lap of.  The entire effect was to make her feel as small as a child, and she couldn’t deny that she felt strangely weakened by the impression the room gave.

She slid from the chair onto the carpeted floor, aware of her body’s exposure.  She worked hard to keep in shape and had large breasts that the bra supported well, which only made the childlike décor of the room more foreign given her obvious mature sexuality.

“Hello?” she called out.  Across the room was a door with an old-fashioned crystal knob that sat above her head.  She crossed the room, reaching up for the knob and turning it.  Though it twisted under her hands, her body leaned upward to grasp it, the door did not budge.

Her heart thrummed with barely-controlled panic.  Whoever placed her in this room had a sick imagination, and she was apparently at the mercy of this unnamed individual.

“You can’t keep me here!”

There was no response besides the subtle hum of air as it blew from a vent over her head.  She could still taste the sugary flavor of whatever powder had been introduced into her system.  She realized she was becoming light-headed and staggered back to the chair.  She turned and sat on the carpet, her back against the oversized furniture as she blinked against the fine grain that seemed even to invade her eyes.  It made her tired for some reason, and she was soon sleeping again, slumped against the chair.

When she woke, she realized someone had been in the room, because there was now a basket by the door, proportioned to reinforce her feeling of being small.  Inside the wicker basket was an array of candy and lollipops, all of which were oversized.  Something about this infuriated her the most.  She felt an unfocused anger swell inside her.

“I am not some goddamn child!” she screamed.  “Open up the fucking door!”

She banged both hands against the white door, and the rattling of the giant door in its frame initially gave her hope, she soon realized that it would budge only a little.  She sagged to the floor and rested on her knees, sobbing at her helplessness.  Again, she felt an influx of the sweet-tasting powder.  She spat against the rush of the sugary flavor, sneezing as it filled her nostrils.  When she looked across the room, she swore she saw a vague pink hue to everything.

She tried to stand and found that the dust or powder or whatever it was made her feel light-headed if she rose to her feet.  Instead, she sat cross-legged before the basket, holding her head in her hands until the wave of vertigo passed.  Frustrated, Becca realized she was actually quite hungry, and her stomach rumbled at the sight of the large chocolate bar angled between two of the rainbow-colored lollipops.  She hated herself for giving in, but she had to eat, and found herself struggling to open the wrapper.  Finally, she got a corner opened and tore the wrapper open, hungrily biting into the chocolate bar.

It was sweet and delicious, and Becca ate it quickly, making her way through no more than a quarter of it when she was filled by it.  She wiped at her mouth and saw long smears of saliva-dampened chocolate on the back of her hand, and she licked that clean, too.  She couldn’t quite define the feeling she had, but there was something definitely off.  Her head felt fuzzy and she still couldn’t get to her feet without feeling intense dizziness.  She found it more and more difficult to focus her thoughts on her current situation, and she just wanted to sleep.  When she made for the bed, she found it easier to crawl, and so she made her way on her hands and knees to the edge of the bed, pulling herself up by the giant blanket and hopping and scrambling her way into the bed.

Despite the fact she wore only the ludicrous ink underwear, Becca felt warm and so she curled into a ball and rested her head on the huge pillow at the head of the bed.  In mere moments she was asleep, a soft smile accompanying her slumber.

She was practically giggling when she woke, and she felt surprisingly great.  Her panic had all but disappeared and she slipped out of the bed and onto the floor, falling back to her hands and knees when she felt continuing unsteadiness on her feet.  It was easier to crawl, she found, and she didn’t mind it so much, anyway.  In fact, everything seemed generally better, and she almost squealed with delight when she saw that the basket had been restocked with candy for her.

She crawled to the basket and sat back on her bottom, removing a lollipop from the basket and unwrapped it quickly.  It had a funny shape, unlike the round ones from earlier.  This one was longer and cylindrical, with a slightly larger tip than the rest of it, but it tasted delicious and she liked the feeling of it in her mouth.  Becca sucked and slurped at the sugary taste and she looked around the room as she swallowed the sweet taste down.

The bear stole her scattered attention, and she crawled to it with the lollipop fixed in her mouth.  She giggled as she leaned back against the plush fur, snuggling into the stuffed animal’s lap.  She felt safe and at ease and she peacefully sucked the lollipop while her legs twisted playfully back and forth.

She felt like there was something she should be doing, but every time she tried to focus on what the might be, the thought fled away, leaving her to simply suck some more and think how wonderfully warm her big bear was.

When Becca came to after her unexpected nap in the bear’s lap, she found that her lollipop was gone.  Instead, a man was standing near the door, the basket of candy at his feet.

“Hello there, Becca.  Would you like some more candy?”

She nodded enthusiastically, rolling out of the stuffed bear’s lap onto the floor, crawling toward the strange man and his candy.  She saw that he was removing his pants, now, and before her was a thing that looked just like the lollipop she was sucking earlier, only it was attached to the man.  She looked up at him from her place on the floor, briefly confused.

“Go on, Becca.  Suck.”

She giggled and sat back on her knees, taking the new candy into her mouth.  It was warm, almost hot, but it tasted wonderful in her mouth.  She barely noticed the way the man held her head by the hair or the way he started rocking the lollipop in and out of her mouth, almost like a game where she had to suck more to keep it in her mouth.

She closed her eyes, blissfully unaware of her new limited thinking, only happy that she was so well taken care of and that she had such delicious candy to suck…

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