New Story! Curse of the Kathoey!

Another Friday, another new story!  I have long been fascinated by the Thai kathoey, or ladyboys.  They fall into an interesting place in Thai society and, while this is certainly a work of fantastical fiction, I encourage you to investigate the subject.  It really is interesting!

But enough learning suggestions, this is one of the more explicit stories I’ve done lately, and I hope you find it as hot as I did writing it!  You can find Curse of the Kathoey on Smashwords here and on Amazon here.

More next week!

2 Responses to “New Story! Curse of the Kathoey!

  • Being ts as I am. I find the girls of kathoey or Thai girls, pattayas rock. They holds such beauty about themselves or their lifestyles. I’ve often wished I’d of looked into it sooner, as how amazing to just be one of them out to work in the club. Such envy and yet can’t help but love them

    • It’s such an amazing subculture when you read into it. Thank you for your message!

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