Hot Flash! The Bimbo Costume!



“It’s a little trashy, don’t you think?” Casey asked.  “I mean, it’s one thing to go in drag, but it’s another to go in drag and look like a slut.”

Nara gave her boyfriend an appraising look, stepping back to take in the entirety of him.  He was almost wispy thin, with a long and lean face and matching appendages, slender as he was tall.  He had a thatch of dark hair that he kept shaved, and his face was freshly-shaved.  Before, he’d sported a thick beard that Nara had been able to convince him to shave it away for the purposes of his costume.

“Do you want to do this or not?” she demanded, placing her fists on her hips.  She was giving him her stern face, the one with the pursed lips and lowered brow that suggested her displeasure.

“I do, I do,” he said quickly, and Nara almost broke into a grin, but kept her face set.  If this was going to work, and there were plenty of questions surrounding that notion, she had to have him begging her to slip into the dress.  “I just wonder what the guys are going to think.”

“What’s more important?  What I think or what your stupid friends think?”

“You, of course, baby,” he replied, and took a step toward her to hug her, but she held him back with an outstretched hand.

“We still have a lot of work to do.”

Nara stroked her long, dark hair, draped over her shoulder, which she often did when considering a particularly worrisome problem.  He was standing in his underwear beside the bed they shared, naked except for loose-fitting boxers and his white athletic socks.  On the bed, spread out for him by his exotic-looking girlfriend, was his Halloween costume.  They had agreed to swap genders for the party, an arrangement made just after he had cum inside her, when he was sweating and panting, her fingers tracing over his chest.  He had protested the gender-swapping idea at first, but a run over his slick and shrinking cock with her hand had stilled his complaints.  Now he was looking down at the outfit Nara had picked for him, a minidress in bright pink with tiny white hearts decorating it, along with a white bra and panties set, complete with garters and stockings.  She had found a pale blonde wig, and she promised to give him a makeover out of her own makeup, though that, too, was new, but to explain why would be to invite scorn at least and outright rebellion at worst.  Completing his ensemble would be a pair of pink platform heels, the kind Nara would never dare wear.

It was the kind he liked, she thought, the kind he fantasized about and stroked himself imagining.  It happened accidentally, her discovery.  She was using his laptop to find some shoes on one of the shopping sites and had hit a button by accident that brought up his recent history.  It was a cornucopia of mildly pornographic sites, none terribly explicit, but centrally themed.  What Casey liked most was blonde, big-titted, heavily made-up and incredibly dumb women.

The worst offense was a site that proposed different ways of turning your significant other into one of these girls using suggestion and the most recent misogynistic trend, “negging.”  Worse, she could find bits and pieces of his behavior in the article.  The way he was always encouraging her to wear her hair down, asking if she’d ever thought of lightening it, the way he told her over and over how much he liked her when she giggled – not laughed, giggled.  Sometimes he would express disapproval at the more conservative clothes she wore, and she hated the fact that she’d let his fantasies dictate her wardrobe.  She had more than a few items that would have been scandalous outside their bedroom or a club, and now she understood where it had all come from – his childish fantasies about diminishing women to the role of sex objects.

‘Well,’ she had thought after the anger and shock of her discovery had worn off, ‘two can play at the internet game.’

Ironically, the shop she found was local.  It saved her the trouble of ordering online.  It was impossible to believe, but the owner of the store swore by the results, a beautiful redhead named Cassandra who had exuded power and sexuality in equal measure.

“Believe me,” she assured Nara, “he won’t have a clue what hit him.  Or her, when we’re done.  Just be sure you do it in just the right order, and keep your hands off these things.  It’s powerful stuff.”

“I’ll be careful,” she replied, already moving toward the door.  Part of her didn’t believe there was any way it could work, but after being in Cassandra’s presence, it seemed like it could, which was enough for her to roll the dice.

Shed worn gloves when she laid out the clothes, just as she had when she arranged the makeup on the counter.  It seemed silly, but Nara couldn’t deny the thrum of energy she felt, even through the thin latex gloves she wore.  It was really as if something were alive inside the items, and there was an intense, if fleeting, urge to touch them with her bare fingers, to feel that power for herself.  There had been just enough belief in her to keep her curiosity at bay, and now she would see for herself how well it worked.

“You have to start with the underwear.  Bra and panties, please,” she said, keeping her face blank.  She was barely able to contain the excitement she felt.  If it worked as advertised, Casey would get the surprise of his life, and a little justice, too.

“Fine,” he said, and slid his boxers down to his ankles.

Despite her anger, she did admire the size of his cock, larger than most she’d encountered.  She would miss that most of all, she supposed.

He held the panties before him like they were radioactive, and well they might be, Nara mused, after seeing what she would have sworn was a spark of pink electricity arc from the waist of the panties to his fingers.  He swayed on his feet a moment before stepping into them and wiggling his hips until the lacy white garment was snug against him.  She smiled at the sudden and impressive erection he developed as he adjusted himself.

“I think you like women’s underwear,” she said, nodding to the swell at his crotch.

“I don’t know what that’s about,” he half-laughed, but there was a dreamy quality to his voice, now.

“Bra,” she said sternly, and he obliged, fumbling his arms through the straps and resting the D-cup bra against his chest.  He reached behind him and awkwardly tried to hook the clasps, sometimes getting one or the other, but never both.

“Sorry,” he muttered, taking another swipe at the daunting clasp.

“Let me,” she said, eager to see him in his new finery, stepping behind him and turning him away with his shoulder so she could take the bra in both hands and secure it on his back.  She shook her fingers when the job was done, feeling an odd tingle, like she’d been sleeping on them and the circulation was just now rushing back.

“What do you think?” he asked, and Nara could hear something lighter and softer in his speech.

‘Oh my god, I think it’s working,’ she grinned to herself, still shaking and working her fingers.

“I think you need some stockings,” she laughed, and now she was smiling despite herself, her teeth bright against her deeply tanned skin.  “Go on, honey, let’s see those legs in silk.”

Casey laughed, and now she was sure his voice was higher.  He turned to sit on the edge of the bed and, as if he had been doing it all his life, slid the garter up his legs, turning it so that the straps hung to his mid-thigh.  In no time, he was rolling one stocking over his toes and up his legs.  At first, Nara could see the dark hair of his legs poking against the white silk, but this seemed to retract, the hair vanishing as the stocking climbed his leg.

‘That outfit is fucking hot,’ she mused to herself and stifled the laugh that might unnerve her would-be victim.

“This feels weird,” Casey said, but he made no sign of stopping as the other stocking was eased onto his leg.  He stood and twisted his hips to secure the stockings to the garter at the backs of his thighs, then the front.

In addition to the hairlessness of his legs, his chest, too, seemed to be bare now, and his skin fairly glowed with health and youth.

“You look amazing, baby,” Nara said, and she slipped close to him, nearly touching him.  She felt strangely horny, odd considering the erection she’d spied earlier seemed to be almost entirely gone, though she could still make out a small bulge.

“Thanks, hon,” Casey said, and stroked his smooth legs.

“Now the dress.  You’re just going to slide it over your head.”

She could barely concentrate on her boyfriend’s wiggling as he pulled the dress over his shoulders, swaying his hips as he pulled it down to cover the lacy underwear.  It was like a magician’s trick, where his body was covered one moment, then revealed the next, but it didn’t look like the man she’d moved in with.  His arms were thin, more so than before, his hips wider.  Though small, Nara could see the flesh of his chest swelling to give the bra cups some shape, and even his face seemed rounder and smoother.  His face was a picture of delight as the dress slid over him, his eyes lighter in color, shifting from a deep green to an almost impossibly light blue.

“It’s clingy,” he said, and giggled, smiling wide at Nara.

Nara felt that giddiness, too, and smiled right back at him, though the masculine pronoun could have been substituted for the feminine.  Besides Casey’s shock of dark hair cut too short for the kind of girl he was looking like, his figure was taking on very feminine proportions.

“You should totally put on the wig now,” Nara grinned.  Along with the odd elation she felt, her sex was burning with need.  She was almost sorry she’d played this trick on Casey, especially since she could really use a nice thick cock about now.

Casey clapped his hands together, and Nara noticed that his nails were longer, almost impractically so.  Still, he managed to take the long blond wig and bend into it, flipping it over his head.

“Ow,” he said, wincing, his nails digging into his scalp.

“What is it?” Nara asked, stepping close.

“It’s, like, itchy or something,” her former boyfriend replied, and Nara reached up to feel with her fingers where he was pointing.  Her fingers found no webbing or base for the wig, only flesh and scalp and long, pale locks of hair.  Her eyes rolled up as she felt the luxurious softness of Casey’s new hair, and the smell was something like fruit, apples maybe.  She buried her face in it and inhaled, giggling as she stepped away from him.

“It’s totally fine,” she told Casey with a dismissive wave of her hand, then, like the idea had come out fo the blue, she perked up and cried, “Shoes!”

“Huh?” Casey asked with genuine confusion.  The look on his face was a picture of dim-witted wonderment as Nara pointed out the platforms.

As he slid his stockinged feet into the heels, he bent with a jiggle of his chest, and Nara was sure now that he was sporting at least C-cups.  His bulge was gone, and Nara couldn’t resist the urge to test the space between Casey’s legs for herself, placing her palm flat against him.

Casey slapped her hand away, but not before she had confirmed what she suspected – his cock was gone and she had felt her fingers give enough to be confident that a trimmed slit had formed there.  Casey was not the man who had fantasized about those bubble-headed blondes anymore…

“You wanna fool around?” Casey asked, her lips swelling until they were pouty.  Nara thought those lips were the perfect example of dick-sucking lips and giggled anew.

The truth was, she did want to fool around, and Casey, bimbo or not, was so fucking sexy.  She could totally see sucking on those big fake-looking tits of hers.

“We gotta do your makeup first,” she said through the pink haze that settled over her since losing herself in her sexy friend’s hair.  That’s what Casey was, right?  Her friend, the one who she went out with, the one she liked to dance with when they weren’t on the hunt for some stud to fill up one hole or another.

“Oh yeah, right!” Casey agreed, tottering on her heels toward the bathroom.

Nara followed, wishing she’d worn something other than this stupid yellow dress that looked like she was going to Sunday School or something.  She trailed Casey into the bathroom, where the girl was already leaning forward into the mirror, her lips in an ‘O’ as she applied the pink lipstick from the tube had gotten from… where?  Some shop or something, but that wasn’t important.  What was important was that the looked hot, and Nara needed to do some catching up.  Her skin was naturally darker, so that was good, but her hair was barely blonde at all, and she had to have it the blondest!  The dress was even worse because it felt like her tits were going to spill right out of it, and it was starting to hurt, so she unbuttoned the back of the frumpy thing and stepped out, unsnapping her bra, too, to let her big jugs, which is how she thought of them, bounce free on her chest.

“Me, too!” Nara said, shoving Casey over with her hip to make room.

Casey giggled and gave her friend a big pink kiss on the cheek and Nara turned to face her, their impressive chests rubbing against one another, bringing their nipples to attention.

“You look hot, babe,” Nara said, her tongue snaking over the blonde’s lower lip.  “I could eat you up!”

“You keep that up, you’re gonna,” Casey giggled in reply.

Nara turned back to the mirror, happy to see her hair was way more blonde than she remembered, her body on display.  They helped each other with their makeup and painted their faces to be as perfectly alluring as possible.  If the evening meant no guys, though that was hard to imagine, they could always get each other off.  Nara’s tongue loved the taste of Casey slick pussy, and Casey was almost insatiable when it came to Nara’s.  It was so much fun to be with her, Nara thought, and they finished their makeup together.  She’d have to find a dress to rival Casey’s still, but Nara was sure they’d be the talk of the club.  They were the only sluts, after all, that didn’t need a costume for Halloween.

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