Hot Flash: Just What He Wanted



“What a slut!” Molly hissed beside me, adjusting the backpack she wore over one shoulder.  The way her brow lowered, her brown eyes narrowed and casting daggers at the pair of girl near the gym.  I tried not to stare at the target of her hatred too long, but it was hard to resist.  They were both blond, the kind that came from a bottle, and waifishly thin save for the swollen curve of their breasts.  One girl, named Susan if I remembered correctly from a brief encounter at the Kappa Delta party, had her mounds on full display with her button-up top opened to reveal a creamy valley and the bottom of the shirt tied beneath to further highlight her generous assets.  The girl beside her, whom I did not know, was tossing back her platinum mane and laughing.  I could see from even this distance her tongue was pierced.  She’d done herself up in a parody of schoolgirl uniforms, a scandalously short skirt showing off lean and tan legs.

“I’m sure they’re very nice in their way,” I said in hopes of quelling the storm that brewed in molly’s expression.

“Shut up, Kyle.  All you guys think women are just for looking pretty and doing the dishes and-“

“Hey,” I said, a little quicker and harsher than I intended, “when have you ever known me to be sexist?  I won’t pretend that women who meet common standards of beauty aren’t attractive, but I’m with you because you are beautiful and smart.  Don’t you know that?”

My counter seemed to have worked.  When she answered, it was with noticeably less venom.  “It’s just frustrating.  I know you’re not like that.”

Wasn’t I, though?  Despite my best intentions, I couldn’t deny the swelling in my jeans, or the urge to look back, to get just one more glimpse of the pair of stereotypically sun-kissed women near the gymnasium steps.

Molly enflamed my shame by slipping her arm in mine and leaning her head against my shoulder as we walked, passing a few weekenders on campus, their steps lighter now that the weekend had come.  Molly was a beautiful girl, not quite twenty-two, fresh-faced, with a toothy smile and soft dimples.  Her hair was a light brown that fell past her shoulders and Molly liked to keep it loose.  I loved the tumble of her hair and the way it smelled after she showered.  Her body, too, was deceptively alluring, hidden beneath clothing so that she did not appear “wanton,” her word, not mine.  Today, for example, she was in a skirt that fell past her knee and a sweater that was only just appropriate now that the weather started to turn.

“What are we doing this weekend?” she asked, hugging my arm.

“I was thinking maybe we could stay in tonight.  Pick up something from Dyson’s, do a little dorm room picnic?”

“And then?” she asked.

I shrugged, but I could feel the smile on my face.  “Whatever two healthy young adults do, I guess.”


In truth, there was no “healthy young adult” activity.  For someone so driven and ambitious and beautiful, Molly held her virginity up like a sacred object to be worshipped from afar, never broached.  We engaged in a little heavy petting in her dorm room and, as usual, her hand held mine fast before it could dip beneath the waist of her skirt or too far up her thigh.  My cock, already primed by the sight of the obvious sexuality of the girls I’d seen before, was aching and the first hint of the ache known as “blue balls” was stirring in my crotch.  I excused myself before Molly could fall asleep on me and retired to my small apartment just off campus.

I was barely home before I was shrugging out of my pants and gripping my cock with enthusiasm.  I fixed the image of the two blonds from earlier in my mind and I was off, savoring the build-up before I exploded and sagged back onto my single-sized bed.  Even then, I drifted away to the thought of ruby red lips and tan skin.


Saturday arrived and I was still lost in my fantasies, only now it was Molly with the platinum hair and pouty lips, her not-insubstantial breasts supported by a daring halter top.  Before I even rolled out of bed, I was stroking my shat, the warm tingle and insistent ache generating a series of low grunts as I brought myself to cum once more.  I was embarrassed by the fantasy, remaking Molly into something arguably less than she was.  I knew how she felt about the “bimbo” look, but she was right again in thinking I found it appealing.  No matter how much I rationalized, I could not deny how much I’d wanted the girls we saw the day before, and Molly’s eternal teasing did nothing to alleviate the need.

After a shower and a quick change in Saturday-morning-casual clothing, I was out the door ad stalking the campus for… I don’t know what.  Maybe I was looking for the girls, which only seems funny now.  Maybe I was just restless and everything that came next was a coincidence, but that’s hard for me to believe somehow.

I did find them, you see.  Outside the Regent Building, which served as the cafeteria and meeting hall for campus-wide events.  It was where I’d attended the orientation lecture when I first enrolled as a freshman, and had only gone back a handful of times since I was no longer on the meal plan hosted by the college.

They were giggling, whispering as they descended the two dozen steps from the mouth of the Regent Building to the sidewalk before it and the fading green of the fall grass.  They were nearly identical in cut-off denim shorts and white tops that hugged their thin waists and lifted their tits with the aid of clearly-seen black bras.  Susan’s hair was straight and she had a longer nose, while her companion sported wavy hair and a pinched, cute face.  Otherwise, they could have been sisters.  The way their hands intertwined, I thought that maybe they were something more than friends.

“Mornin’ cutie,” not-Susan said as I passed by them, turning to look after them, the swing of their full hips a celebration of sexuality.

I don’t know why I opened my mouth, but the words were out before I could stop them.  “Are you two, you know… happy?”

They stopped in unison and turned toward each other, then to me, a sly smile on Susan’s face.

“Whaddaya mean?” Susan asked, her head tilted in a way that was both adorable and intensely suggestive.

My face screwed up in thought as I tried to piece together the meaning behind my question.  Fortunately, not-Susan seemed to fill in the gaps for me.

She moved closer, half the distance between me and Susan, her smile apparently genuine as she looked me up and down, appraising me every bit as much as I’d eyed her the day before.

“I think what cuite-pie means is that we’re hot, we’re obviously DTF, and he thinks maybe we’re, like, missin’ out on life or somethin’.  That about right?”

“I don’t know about ‘missing out on life,’ but don’t you think maybe more intellectual pursuits would be more rewarding?”

Susan joined her friend in laughing, high, chirruping sounds that drew a smile from me, too.

“You think ‘cause we don’t watch all the politics and read a bunch of books, we don’t enjoy ourselves?”  Susan drew nearer, sliding against her friend in a way that said they’d been intimate at least once, which only made them seem hotter in my eyes.  “I decided a while back that I was gonna have fun while I’m young, to drink and sing and screw all I can.  When I’m old and wrinkled and gross, I’ll worry about the rest.  And the best part is, I found a way to turn it off, all that other stuff.”  She tittered again and extended her tongue, running it up her friend’s cheek.  I could see her companion’s nipples stiffen almost instantly, and I was chewing my lip to keep my mind off the erection that was stretching painfully against my jeans.

“You what?” I managed.

“Carrie here used to be sooooo boring, but I knew all she needed was a way to have some fun.  After a couple of days, she came around.”  Another flurry of giggles punctuated by Susan’s hand dropping to Carrie’s ass and giving it a squeeze.  Carrie hopped a little and gasped.

“Are you telling me you can… convert… someone into being more like you?”

She nodded vigorously, then came that adorable/sexual tilt of the head.  “You got someone in mind?  Maybe that mousy little thing that was hanging all over you yesterday?”

“You saw us?”

“Mhmmm,” she grinned.  “She was cute.  Carrie and me like to compare who we’d fuck or not.  You were a pass, by the way.”  She laughed along with Carrie, but I felt no shame under their judgement.  No, I was too busy thinking of Molly in cut-off shorts and a skin-tight top, her mouth open and inviting.


“Why would I do that?”

“I thought sociology was your thing,” I countered.  The words were hollow even in my ears.  “And after talking to them earlier this morning, I really think you have the wrong impression of them.”

“Besides being complete sluts>”

“That’s not who they are,” I said, chasing Molly around her small room as she paced.  After lunch with her downtown, I finally broached the subject.  Susan assured me she could, as she put it, ‘loosen Molly up,’ if she had some time with her.  Something about powers of persuasion and all.  If it could keep me faithful, and finally add some physicality to our relationship, did that make me a bad person?

“I just don’t understand while you’re so insistent,” she sighed, “It’s not like you know them all that well, which I’m very happy about by the way.”

I sat on her bed and pulled her down to sit beside me.  I didn’t have to feign my sincerity, even if the words themselves were lies.

“I’m worried you’re not socializing.  At all.  When was the last time you did anything with someone besides me?”  This much, at least, was true.

“So what?  You want me to go hang out with sluts because you think I should get out more or something?”

“I’m saying you go out and have a couple of drinks and go dancing.  Even if the company doesn’t suit you, a night out to cut loose might.”

“And what would you be doing while I was out dancing?” she asked, tucking her chin on her shoulder.  It was a tic of hers, and I knew when I saw it she was going to conceded.  She was going to do it.

In no time she was in front of her mirror, trying on outfits and asking for my opinion.  It was maddening to see her stripping down to her sensible underwear in front of me, and I imagined her as another slightly-altered copy of Susan, and I rose to stand behind her, kissing down her shoulder and up her neck.

She cupped my head against her and gave me a gentle shove away.

“Your idea, remember?” she said, wiggling into another curve-hugging dress.  “If you distract me, I’ll never be ready.”

Yes, Molly could be reserved, but she had an eye for fashion and now that she was dressed, having finally settled on a slinky minidress that showed off her cream-skinned legs, she was every bit as alluring as any woman you’d find on a dance floor.  A sense of guilt and shame at wanting more than Molly rose, but was quickly stamped down by the thought of her on her knees in front of me, blond and eager.

“Have fun,” I said, walking her at least as far as her car.  “Tell Susan and Carrie hello for me.”

“Do you think they can handle a two-syllable greeting?” Molly sniped, then laughed and leaned up to kiss my cheek.  “I’ll text you when I get home.”  She turned to leave, but stopped short.  “Thanks for making me do this,” she said.  “I know I can be a little… insulated.”

“Don’t worry about anything but having a good time tonight.”


That text, the one I was supposed to get when she returned home, never came.  I waited up until after two before sleep claimed me, and I was snapping upright to check my phone as soon as my eyes popped open that Sunday morning.  Still nothing.

At the risk of waking her, I sent a text asking about the night before, but it was still too early for me to reasonably expect her to answer, so I found some clothes that were on the right side of the laundry basket and made my way to campus.

I suppose I expected to see Susan and Carrie and, yes, Molly too, but the campus was largely empty, only a few brave souls marching across the lawn to catch an early breakfast.  I did the same and headed back to my apartment, where I tried to distract myself with some television, but my mind was with Molly.  Where was she?  What if she really had been changed somehow?

Unable to take the wait any longer, I was back out the door and aiming for Molly’s dorm room.  Climbing the stairs to the second floor, I was consumed by worry.  I didn’t really know Susan and her busty friend, not well enough to send Molly out with them.  Every decision I’d made had been a product of my cock’s twitching want of Molly, and I knew she would hate me for it if she knew.

I was surprised to nearly collide with Molly at her front door, and the tousled hair and exact outfit from the night before told me she was arriving home just this second.

“Hey,” she grinned and leaned into me, tossing her arms around me.  When I looked down at her, she stared up with hazy, unfocused eyes.

“Hey, yourself.  Are you just getting home?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, lapsing into a soft giggle.  “I was having fun with Susi and Carrie.”


“Yeah, Susan’s kind of a boring name, you know?  What did you do last night?”

“Nothing,” I said, noting her manner of speaking.  It reminded me of the way Susan had talked, and the notion made my sex shamefully hard.

“Too bad.  You wanna come in?”

I followed behind her, and I could swear she was swaying her hips more.  God, she was practically purring with the way she slinked through her room, bending o remove her heels and giving me a view of her ass.

Call me crazy, but seeing molly behave like this was exciting, and there was no question I wanted her, but her behavior was so… un-Molly… that I had to explore it.

“So, what did you do?”

“Ummm, we went to The Basement and danced for a while, then had a couple of drinks and then we just sat in a booth for a while and talked.”

“What did you talk about?” I pressed.

She frowned some, as if trying to collect the tatters of a dream and make sense of it.  “Just stuff.”  The cloud passed, and she smiled in that dreamy way that marked her new demeanor.  “I am so happy you had me go out with them.  They are so much fun!  And I have not been having much fun lately.

Molly squirmed out of her dress and I would have sworn she’d grown a cup size overnight.  She was practically spilling out of her bra, which had not been wanting for flesh before.  She approached me with that seductive swing of her hips, her eyes smoky and promising.  She pressed against me and I opened my mouth to meet hers, our tongues finding each other’s quickly and hungrily.  My hands were roaming her back, and I was painfully hard.  Her breasts, which had to be bigger no matter how crazy it seemed, were pressed against me and I could feel the stiff little nubs of Molly’s hard nipples beneath.

In the height of the kiss, as my hands were climbing Molly’s sides to squeeze her augmented tits, she stepped away, shoving me back.  She looked confused, and not pleasantly so.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to bridge the distance between us, but Molly took a step back to keep me away.

“I don’t know.  I just need to get some rest, I think.  Can I call you later?”

“Just like that?  You don’t want to, you know, finish what we started?”

“Not right now.  I’ll call you later, Kyle,” she said distractedly, hurrying me out the door.  I paused for a kiss, but was met by the closed door.


I resisted calling Molly until the sun had nearly set, and even then I went to her voicemail.  As I worked to find some sensible course of action, I realized I had no idea where Susan lived, and had no way to contact her besides our casual encounters.  I resolved to visit Molly again, and hope that whatever influence Susan had over her had faded, maybe disappeared altogether.

I was halfway there when I caught sight of Susan, this time without Carrie, leaning against one of the benches that lined the sidewalk as it carved across campus.  She brightened when she saw me, wiggling her fingers.

“Have you seen Molly today?” I asked, stopping close to her in what I thought was an intimidating manner.

“Yeah, of course.  I told you it takes a couple of days to make her all better.  But she’s getting there!”

“Where is she?”  I grabbed Susan by the elbow, but the aggression had the opposite effect I intended.  Susan sagged a little and wiggled, licking her lips.

“I love a forceful man,” she giggled.  “And Molly is with Carrie.  Her wardrobe was all wrong.”

“Look, I know what I said, but I want you to stop.  I want Molly back, just the way she was.”

Susan giggled again, which grew into full laughter, her hands clapping together in delight.

“Aw, honey, it doesn’t work like that.  We had an agreement.  You introduced me to Molly and I am going to make her just what you wanted.  No backsies, sugar.”

“Please…” I said, and I heard the impotence in my voice.

“I promise you’ll see her tomorrow, okay?”

“You can’t keep her away from me.  I’ll…  I’ll call the police.”

“And tell them what?  Your girlfriend is willingly with her friends?  Don’t worry, sweetie, I think you’re going to think molly is the hottest thing on two legs when we’re done.”

Susan kissed me on the cheek, leaving behind a slick imprint of her lips in glossy pink.

“See you tomorrow,” she tittered and left me there, watching her curvy body bounce away, helpless.


As good as her word, I saw Molly first thing the next morning, and it was then I fully understood the agreement I’d made.  I was planning on meeting Molly at her dorm, but I found them, she and her new friends, gathered near the gym.  If I hadn’t known them, it would have been stunning and easily the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Molly was almost unrecognizable.  Gone was the soft brown of her hair, replaced by a pale blond to match her new companions.  Her makeup was heavy and very unlike her, but undeniably sexy.  Her breasts were even larger, and were lifted just as I’d imagined her.  She was stunning and overtly sexual.

The effect was enhanced by her likeness with Susan and Carrie.  All three were dressed identically, and the look could best be described as “Workout Barbie.”  High-heeled sneakers and knee-high gym socks that revealed tan legs, and I knew Molly must have visited the tanning bed along with her hair stylist.  Each wore skintight denim shorts and a white halter, paneled to show off the bounteous flesh within.

Molly was pressed against Carrie, her hands resting on her twin’s tits, their mouths locked together in a kiss that showed no signs of stopping.  Susan stood just behind them, whispering something to Molly, who responded with more urgent groping.  When Susan saw me, she whispered something else and Molly and Carrie separated, turning to me.  Molly showed no signs of embarrassment or guilt, meeting my eyes with hers, empty and glittering.

“Kyle,” Susan began, leading her pack of bimbos toward me, “Good thing you’re here.  I wanted you to see all the progress we made.”

“Molly?” I said, trying to find some glimmer of the young woman I’d known before.  “Are you alright?”

Molly pushed past Susan to stand before me, pausing once to meet Susan’s gaze, continuing only after a terse nod from the alpha bimbo.

“Look, Kyle, I know we’ve been together a while, but…  I don’t think it’s going to work out.  I want to, like, explore my options.”  She giggled and chewed the tip of her finger while she waited for me to respond.

I looked past her to Susan, only now remembering the off-handed way Susan had said I wasn’t found worthy when she and Carrie had seen us before.  It was Molly she’d always wanted.

“Whatever you did, undo it.  Please.”

Susan grinned and addressed Molly.  “Do you think you need to go back to being boring old Molly?”

“Oh god no!” she replied quickly, hurrying back to Carrie’s arms, which brazenly explored her in front of me.

“You got what you wanted,” Susan said with a poisonous curl to her lips.  “Molly is just like us, and I can’t thank you enough.”  She lowered her voice to a whisper, ass if sharing a secret with me.  “She has the most agile little tongue I’ve ever felt.”

“Molly…” I repeated, but it was small and weak coming out of my mouth.

I watched the three of them trade kisses before moving away together, a collective of impossibly sexual creatures.  Molly never looked back, and the few times I saw her after it was always on the arm of Susan or Carrie or both.

Some nights, when I can make my way past the shame of what I’d done, I stroked myself thinking of the three of them, tangled together, licking and sucking.  Some nights, it’s almost enough.



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