Updates and What’s Coming!



So, it was a busy January!  Lots of stories and Hot Flashes, so February has been a bit slower.  Still, new stories are out and you can find new samples for Lana Rae and the Magic Wand here and Corporate Takeover: Part One here.  The second part of Corporate Takeover is coming very soon, I promise!  Also, new Hot Flashes and plenty more!

I’m curious how you, the reader, are doing with the Amazon exclusives.  I want everyone who wants to read the stories the opportunity to do so, but the sad reality is that the Kindle Unlimited is super popular but also super exclusive, which means I can’t publish via their Kindle Unlimited service and other places.  If this has been a problem for you, please let me know so I can better know how to proceed.  The last thing I want to do is make it difficult for fans who have been wonderful to me.  You can always email me at lykabloom@gmail.com with any concerns related to how you enjoy the stories.

Thank you all again for your support, not just in buying the stories or reading the shorts on the site, but for being a wonderful and supportive community.  You are the best!!!

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