What’s Next?


As you may have noticed if you keep up with the site at all, but the stories that were exclusive to Amazon are now making their way to Smashwords (and other platforms through Smashwords).  This very day, Pink Erasure is now available for purchase outside of Kindle, so if you’ve been wondering how the Pink Institute saga ends, the tales are all out now!

Also, more new stories are appearing via Amazon, where they will sit for 90 days until the exclusivity period ends.  I’ve been enjoying working on the new Goddess Returned series, and the next part of that series should be available very soon.

There are some series I’d like to wrap up, too, including The Stable Games series and the Inferno series, both of which are awaiting their last chapters.  The last of The Stable Games is almost done, too, so look for that soon.

And, as always, a big thank you to everyone who reads the stories and drops me a line or leaves a review.  It really does help.  And an extra special thanks to those who have read the Corporate Takeover series, which has been the most successful to date, and definitely one of the most fun to write.

Back to work for me!  I can be reached at LykaBloom@gmail.comif you have any comments or questions!

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