Sample – Pink Pleasure Volume 1

Pink Pleasure

“I’m Miss Nikki,” she grinned, “and I’m here to help all of you adjust to your new lives at the Institute. You may not believe this, but I was just a sissy like you once. Thanks to Lady B, I’m not only the woman I always wanted to be, I even have a little bimbo cocksucker of my own! Some of you might end up teaching here, or working at the Pussycat, or just being available to Lady B and her guests for whatever she needs. No matter where you end up, you’ll be surrounded by love and some of the yummiest cock anywhere!” She tittered and clapped her purple-nailed hands together. “So! Let’s get started. As most of you know, we like to start every class with a little relaxation. Enjoy and I’ll be right back!”

She rounded the desk, her skirt highlighting her well-proportioned curves as she wiggled to a panel near the door. Robert watched the other students as the lights lowered and a low sound rumbled through the classroom. The slim blonde moaned as the sounds began.

When Robert looked to the head of the class, he realized Miss Nikki had gone, and the thought of slipping out the other door excited him. Yet, the sound somehow kept him seated in the dark room. He could hear something below the realm of intelligibility, whispers that held him fast. The walls flickered to life and Robert realized the room was lined with monitors, all of them showing delicate-looking girls in elaborately-laced clothing, all very pink with white highlights in stockings and trim.

A rolling bass sound echoed beneath the whispers, and Robert found his lids growing heavy as he watched the monitors, the images shifting from the clothed girls to coy photographs of similarly-dressed girls lifting their skirts to reveal shrunken penises dangling against hairless hips. He watched, fascinated, as the images progressed through various stages of undress, until they were nude, some with small, budding breasts, others flat-chested, all with flaccid members against their fair skin.

Robert registered his arousal in a distant way, knowing that he had become erect, but unable to tear his attention away from the monitors or the sussurring call of the sounds that filled the room.

When the lights came up and Miss Nikki returned to the front of the class, his body felt leaden and unresponsive. As she went to each of the two classmates, Robert watched as Miss Nikki bent and applied a shiny pink gloss to their lips and pushed a thick latex dildo over the newly-wet lips. She held it in place until the dark-haired sissy and the blonde both latched on to it, sucking it into their mouths to keep it from falling, and the quiet was sporadically interrupted by slurping sounds.

Miss Nikki stood before Robert, who looked up at her, blinking heavily.

“You came on a great day,” she giggled and bent toward him, her double D breasts hanging from her chest, drawing Robert’s attention as she ran the slick gloss over his lips.

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