Sample – Inferno: Transmission


It was a rare day in that Julia was dressed. At least, some of her had been covered. She stood still while Blake and Carly wrapped the strips of rubber around her legs and hips, leaving wide swaths of skin and her sex exposed. The strips wound around her wist, under and over her breasts, squeezing them painfully while highlighting them, bared for all to see. Secured in her ribboned straps, her hands were bound behind her by thinner strips of the material, a gag inserted into her mouth and buckled into place, straps with metal rings at either side of her mouth digging into her cheeks before meeting behind her head, her loose blonde hair covering the buckle. She lifted a leg as Carly’s hand guided her feet into cruelly pointed heels and laced them tightly around her ankles. She learned a lesson in balance early, and found that she could hold herself up on little more than the tips of her toes now. She had made no move to resist when the gag was pushed into her mouth, another lesson learned at the expense of her dignity and a piece of her sanity. She understood when she was dressed this way that she was to be taken with the two women who kept her. She resolved herself not to feel this time, not to allow herself to be swayed by the want and desire and perversion that issued from Lilith in waves, that made her savor the abuse and the shame.

She barely moved when the collar was fastened around her neck, thick enough to keep her head from tilting too far down or up, and even her range of motion to the left and right was limited. She did not have to see, she would be led. She would be told where to stand or sit, what to do. It was growing easier by the day, to allow herself to not think at all, to simply exist.

When the thin silver chain clipped onto the ring of steel at the front of the collar, she prepared herself, ready to move as the chain told her by the direction of its tug.

The chamber door opened, and Blake and Carly immediately fell to their knees. The pull of the chain told her to join them and Julia fell harshly to the stone floor. Her knees exploded in sharp pain, but it faded quickly enough to a dull ache. The hole in her soul was far more difficult to bear.

Lilith’s spiked stilettos click-clacked on the floor as she approached, but Julia kept her head lowered. To look at her was to invite attention and Lilith’s attention could damn her forever. When she looked into the eyes of Blake and Carly during their use of her, she saw only dark longing. She hoped her own eyes still held some semblance of humanity.

“Well, well, girls,” Lilith began, her voice musical and alluring and deep, “you’ve enjoyed dressing up your doll I see.”

Julia heard the heels clicking closer to her until, even bowed, she could see the tips of Lilith’s toes peeking through the open-toed heels.

“I approve,” Lilith whispered and Julia could not stop the shiver that jingled the chain attached to her collar. The voice was just beside her ear, and Julia could feel Lilith’s warm and strangely perfumed breath pushing against it. “Nothing to say, Toy?”

Julia remained silent. To engage is to invite, she told herself. Her silence may bring punishment, but it was a better alternative than the corruption that Blake and Carly suffered. It was far too easy to want Lilith. For days or weeks, it was hard to tell, Lilith had referred to Julia only as Toy, a plaything for her two decorations. In the quiet of the dark, when Julia heard Carly and Blake breathing evenly with sleep, she admitted to herself the anonymity of her chosen name aroused her.

“Hmm. Maybe a little trip to the cabinet would loosen your tongue. Or perhaps just remove it altogether.” Julie held her eyes down, even as she felt Lilith’s lips close to her cheek. “The secret of the cabinet, Toy, is that it gives you exactly what you want, even the things you never even admitted to yourself. I am curious what dark pleasures it would unlock in you.”

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