Review: Gender Swap: Bimbofied by River Belle

Review: Gender Swap: Bimbofied by River BelleGender Swap: Bimbofied by River Belle
on May 8, 2017
Pages: 25
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When my hand moved up to my face, to touch my forehead, I was totally creeped out! My nails were painted! What the heck? Why did I, a serious, male university lecturer at Harvard, have bright pink hearts painted onto each of the nails of my right hand? What had happened last night?


Professor Paulton doesn't like students, at all. When Danica asks him for an extension to an assignment he's given, offering 'anything she can do' to sweeten the deal, he turns her down, angrily. When she curses him as she leaves the room, he doesn't worry about it.

Soon though, he's going to be seeing life from a whole new perspective. Soon, he's going to be a man-hungry bimbo, desperate to get to know his male students very, very well.

This 4,500 word short story contains scenes of feminization, masturbation and other explicit content.

As I scour through the bestseller lists for transgender erotica, I am always amazed by the juxtaposition of short fiction.  You may have recently read my review of Just Desserts*: Strawberry Cheesecake, which was short but very fun.  Contrast that with Gender Swap: Bimbofied, which has its brevity in common, but lacks any of the personality that made Strawberry Cheesecake so enjoyable.

In this short, a stuffy professor with a negative view of his students is pressed by a buxom young student to extend an assignment.  When he refuses, the pretty lass attempts to seduce him.  When this fails, the professor is cursed by the young woman to learn what it’s like for his students.  It’s a great setup for a story about the old not respecting the travails of the young, but what the professor becomes is a brainless, horny bimbo who finds some release when the professor’s assistant turns up.

Like many in this subgenre, Bimbofied gets to the transformation relatively quickly and spends the rest of its short length to describe the voluptuousness of the professor’s new body, his(her) inability to manage his former life and then an extended sex scene with the assistant, Tad.  Given the short span of time between reading this and Just Desserts, it’s perhaps an unfair comparison, as the two are similar in length, but the sense of playfulness found in Strawberry Cheesecake is forsaken for a fairly routine bimbo transformation story.

That’s not to say Gender Swap: Bimbofied is bad, necessarily.  The writing is competent and it definitely moves at a quick pace, but it feels uninspired, a story written to tick the boxes necessary for the subgenre.  It will be familiar to anyone who has read a bimbo transformation tale, but the promise of its premise is abandoned for a rather straightforward formula of curse to transformation to payoff.  If that’s all you ask from these types of stories, it will probably work for you.  There are just so many better stories, even in this very short form, to enjoy over this one.

Lastly, another issue I run into all the time that I find frustrating is the use of samples to give a story extra length.  When the story wrapped, my Kindle told me I was 71% of the way through the book, making literally a third of the pages ads for other books by River Belle.  I would never be one to tell an author not to promote his/her work, but that type of advertising only lands if the story leading to the advertisements feels satisfying.  In this case, maybe not so much.

Only for those hungry for more in the trans fantasy subgenre who have exhausted all other options.


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