New Story! Stacked!

A Sexy librarian standing in the stacks

A new tale of gender bending fun has arrived!  the synopsis for Stacked! reads like this:

Brian is a shy college student, harassed by his younger sister and ignored by his crush – the campus librarian. His longing for her is put to the test when he discovers his would-be girlfriend is a lesbian!

Late one night, Brian discovers he can shift into the body of any woman in literature. Armed with this secret power, Brian sets out to woo the librarian. But what happens when the character decides they want to keep living on their own? And is it so bad to become another person entirely?

One of the longer stories I’ve done in a while, and, fair warning, the last gender swap story i’ll be doing for a month or so.  I hope you enjoy it!

You can find Stacked! in multiple formats on Smashwords here and coming soon to Amazon Kindle!


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