New Story! Lana Rae and the Magic Wand


I know, I know, a little double entendre, but I couldn’t resist myself.  With the Pink Institute series all wrapped up, now, I thought it was time to start playing with some potential replacements for my favorite series to work on.  So, here’s the official synopsis:

Lana Rae has spent years forging herself into a model of feminine beauty. A new treatment to enhance her femininity comes with an unexpected side effect – namely the ability to feminize her lovers!

Unaware of her new and hidden ability, Lana arranges a date with a fan who has admired the sexy shemale while fostering his own sissy fantasies. When he wakes to find his body changing into the object of his desires, he and Lana must find the cause of his condition and resist their urges to fall further into their taboo tryst, or Danielle may be left in the body of a woman forever! But, is that really so bad?

I’ll be curious to see what everyone thinks of the new story!


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