Merry XXXmas!!!



A big thank you and best wishes to all this holiday season!  Over the past year, I’ve published roughly 30 stories of feminization, gender bending, bimbos, dolls and ponygirls, and even a few weirder things, and I have been delighted to see readers not only enjoy the stories, but contact me and tell me their favorites.  The web site has recorded almost 20,000 visits and I have been honored to be reviewed very kindly by some wonderful readers.  But none of that would have happened without you, the loyal reader, and I want you to know how happy and flattered I am that you take a moment of your day to spend with my fantasies and stories.  Thank you for reading, thank you for corresponding, thank you for dropping by the site now and again… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Because no post would be complete without a little tease, coming very soon will be the second chapter in the Stable Games ponygirl stories, a new tale of bimbofication, the final chapter in the Inferno series, and, yes, a return to the Pink Institute!


Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to a few more naughty stories we can share in 2015!



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