Hot Flash! Hitting the Lockers!


The place stank, that was Amber’s first thought on entering the gym locker room.  With the final classes done for the day, the locker room was dim, only lit by the flickering fluorescents that hummed overhead.  She clutched her books to her flat chest and peeked around the corner where the tiled showers stood.  She was, thankfully, alone.

She wasn’t sure whys he was here, other than the fact she seemed unable to say ‘no’ to anyone, especially Kara, she of the long blonde hair and perfect body, at least as far as the boys on campus were concerned.  She was always surrounded by the other cheerleaders, all of them toned and fit with prominent asses and boobs that defied gravity.  If you exchanged their faces and hair, she would have sworn they were practically identical.  And to add to their mystique, there was the rampant rumors that floated around bout group sex parties, sometimes with the boys on the team, sometimes not.  Amber didn’t take the rumors too seriously given how quick boys were to imagine a good-looking girl in all sorts of sexual escapades.

Amber shoved her glasses up her nose with a finger as she moved past the boys’ locker room into the girls’ where the cheerleaders kept their uniforms and gear.  Kara’s locker was on the far wall, set into the cinderblock room with its gold and red décor to match the school colors.  The odor she detected earlier was more intense here, and she wrinkled her nose against it.  It was dark and musky and faintly smelled of bleach or something.  She couldn’t quite place it, but there was something familiar, too.

She placed her books on one of the pair of wooden benches running parallel to the lockers, scanning the lockers for the piece of tape that would identify Kara’s locker as hers.  There was little reason for Kara to have chosen her, unless she was being spiteful by sending Amber into this dark and musty place.  It had only been a couple of days since Amber had seen Kara and her posse of bombshell beauties marching through the cafeteria, each dressed in a dress or a skirt or shorts that showed off their long legs and tops that lifted and emphasized their healthy bust.  She had been sitting alone, as usual, head down as she read from a fantasy novel she liked when one of the cheerleaders brushed against her, shoving her elbow and spilling her soda all over her outfit, a modest jeans-and-sweater combo.

“Slut,” Amber had hissed, standing quickly to keep the soda from pouring into her lap.

“What did you call me?”

Amber turned to the squeaky, irritated voice and found herself face-to-face with Lana Baylor, the red-headed and voluptuous girl from the squad.  Amber was little more than tit-level, and found her eyes flitting down time and again to take note of the hard, eraser-length nipples tenting her halter top.

“Nothing,” Amber said sheepishly, turning back to the table and mopping up the spilled soda with a handful of napkins.

“You said something,” Kara corrected, stepping forward.  She was clearly the alpha bitch of this crew, and her height and beauty made Amber feel small and useless in comparison.

“I just… I said ‘watch out,’ is all.”

“Really?” Kara asked with a grin that said she knew better.  “I would have sworn you called Lana a slut.  You know what a slut is, right?”

“No,” Amber whispered in a mousy voice.

“A slut is just a girl who knows what she wants and gets it.  Too bad there’s not more like her.  And look at you.  Small, especially those tits.  And your dumb little hipster glasses and baggy clothes.  You wish you were as hot as Lana and half as popular.”

Amber didn’t respond, but felt the weight of stares from the pack of girl until Kara grew tired and steered them away.  Humiliated, Amber followed not long after, her lunch forgotten.  And then, just minutes before, Amber encountered the squad again in the halls of the Liberal Arts building.  This time she had hugged the wall, giving them a wide berth, and was genuinely shocked when she heard Kara call her name.

“Yes?” She said, nervously pushing her glasses up again.

“Hey, little mouse.  I was wondering if you’d do me a great big favor?”

Amber looked around and saw no clear escape route from the conversation.  “Sure,” she replied, immediately hating herself for being unable to deny this blonde goddess anything.

“Great!  I have a bag in my locker, but we’re almost late for practice.  I was wondering if you’d fetch my pink shirt and bring it to me in the gym?”

Amber frowned at the request, but nodded anyway.

“Great!  See you there!”

Amber watched the girls walk by, noting their impossibly fit bodies beneath their clothes.  She wondered what it was like to be desired by every boy who saw you, then dismissed the thought.

Which is how she ended up here, crinkling her nose as she read the names on the lockers.  Finally, she found Kara’s and opened the latch, blinking at the perfumed smell of the locker’s contents.  She rifled through the contents, unzipping the duffel bag and spreading it wide.

“Ow!” she exclaimed, drawing back her finger and sucking the tip.  Something sharp inside stung her.  With one finger still in her mouth, Amber pulled the bag from the locker and carefully removed some of the items stuffed inside, arranging them on the bench.  Along with the pink shirt, a tiny thing that would look cartoonish stretched over Kara’s chest, and some underwear and a skirt or two, there was a trinket within.

She removed it, holding it in her palm and turning it over in her hand.  It was silver, a small figurine small enough for her to cover completely if she folded her fingers over it.  The figure was that of a voluptuous woman, her hands between her legs as she bent and leaned forward, like the image of a model in a magazine.  The silver idol was nude, and Amber saw the tiny droplet of blood from her finger resting on the idol’s nipple, the two nubs sharp and pointed.  As she watched, she would have sworn that the droplet was absorbed by the idol until there was nothing left but the smooth silver surface.

She blinked, her vision going suddenly blurry, and swiped at her face, her chunky black glasses clattering to the hard floor of the locker room.  The room came into stark focus and she had time to wonder if somehow she’d managed to heal her eyesight somehow, and then a rush of sensation flooded through her.

It was like being dropped into water, only warm and soothing waters that held you aloft.  This cocoon of warmth surrounded her and she felt soft tingles crawl along her body.  It felt sensual in a way she had never experienced, and she had to sit on the bench for fear of collapsing entirely under the relaxing wave of pleasure.   Had she been looking, Amber would have seen the idol glow a soft pink before fading back to its typical silver luster.  Instead, she was too concerned with how amazing her skin felt, and she couldn’t tear her hand away from her face and neck, reveling in the erotic delight she felt with each tickle of her fingertips.  Her lips parted, and her soft pink tongue darted over the puffy lips, wetting them.  That, too, felt incredibly sensual, and Amber allowed her hands to drift down her body, over her small chest, where she paused to cup her pert breasts.  She kneaded and teased, moaning at her own manipulations.  How had she never felt so good before?

Blushing, she felt her pussy dampen beneath the simple panties and denim jeans, and she rolled her hips on the bench, teasing herself with undulating pressure.  Biting her lip, Amber spread her legs wide and allowed her hands to press against the crotch of her jeans, and quickly found herself frustrated by the material separating her from her aching honey pot.  Glancing to her side, she saw the clothes she’d removed from the bag and wondered how much better it felt to wear such thin, light clothing, to let her body breathe free.

Before she could properly process the thought, she was stripping away her buttoned top and the jeans, moaning aloud as she felt the cool air of the locker room kiss her bare legs and stomach.  With her newfound freedom, her exploration began anew, pushing up and squeezing her breasts (tits) and grinding her sex (pussy) into the bench, the wet feeling between her legs stoking her passion further.  God, how she could use a good fucking right now!  It didn’t matter that she was still virginal, or that she had never felt or acted in this manner before, all that mattered was her uncontrollable need for pleasure.

“Look what we have here,” Kara said from the entrance, surprising her.

Amber saw Kara and her crew watching her, but that only fanned the heat in her belly.  Mewling, she looked at them with parted lips as she discarded her bra, now too tight to contain her tits.  It was fun to think of them that way – as tits.  Tits to bounce and jiggle and have licked.  She giggled a little to herself as she rubbed the orbs on her chest.

“Little Amber is getting so big,” Lana giggled from behind Kara, sending the whole pack into a giggling fit.  Amber joined in with them.

“You found her,” Kara said, moving to Amber and the idol on the bench beside her.  Kara lifted the token and held it in front of her sparkling blue eyes.  “She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?”

Amber nodded, watching the cheerleaders creep closer, looking at her with the same hunger she felt.  When the first hands touched her skin, she groaned with satisfaction.

“She’s a goddess,” Kara continued, holding the idol with one hand and stroking Amber’s increasingly wavy brown hair with the other.  The oily, stringy mop was lustrous and long now, flowing over Amber’s bare shoulders as Lana bent to her, taking a taut nipple into her mouth as another girl, an Asian girl named Rana, bent to kiss Amber’s upturned lips.  She felt a tongue dart into her mouth and she welcomed it with her own, reaching up to the other girls, stroking and teasing them as they did her.

“All she asks is one little drop of blood.  With just that little sacrifice, she can make you happier than you’ve ever been.  And you are happier than you’ve ever been, aren’t you, Amber?”

“Yesss!” Amber moaned as Lana’s fingers dipped into her panties and found the wet slit beneath, stroking her glistening petals as Amber’s hips rocked in rhythm with the fingers that caressed her.

“You want to be a yummy slut like us, don’t you, Amber?”

It was unclear if she heard with her face buried between Rana’s tan tits, but there was no mistaking her obvious joy.  She stepped out of the underwear as someone guided her to her feet, and Amber registered the fact that she was somehow eye level with the statuesque girls.  When she looked down at her body, cataloguing the pairs of hands that touched and explored her, she saw her long, muscular legs and wonderfully full tits, the curtain of auburn hair that spilled over her shoulders.  Someone was kneeling before her and a tongue was lapping at her exposed pussy now, and it was all Amber could do to refrain from a climax.  She wanted it to last, to keep going forever.

“You’ll be with us, now, just another slut,” Kara giggles, echoed by the other girls, Amber included.  Her old clothes and the glasses she wore were forgotten.  These girls were her family, she understood that now, and it was her job to make sure all of them were pleased as often as possible.  “Cum, slut.”

Amber did, exploding and screaming as more hands held her, and bodies pressed tight to hers.  She was in a sea of hands and lips and tits, and it was heaven for a slut like her.

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