Hot Flash! All About the Reps!

bimbogymShe couldn’t recall when the idea had first come to her, and had only the vaguest memory of what she had been before.  When Susan from the office recommended the NuWay gym, Kayla had seen it as a not-so-subtle jab at her weight.  Sure, she had a few extra pounds, but what woman her age didn’t?  She was almost forty after all, and she had earned the little bulge that formed over the top of her skirts, which had been growing increasingly tight.

That was all behind her, now.  In a few weeks, she had rivaled Susan’s own weight loss, and was certainly the better blond, thanks to the gym’s strict hair color policy.  To be honest, she hadn’t seen much of Susan around the gym since she’d been promoted to the party room, which is what all the girls called the segregated part of the building where all the boys were.  Kayla licked her lips at the thought of all those men just beyond the wall, men who could give her what she so sorely needed.

She focused on her breathing as she bent for another squat.  Lionel, the head trainer, had told her how important her legs and ass were.  At first Kayla had balked at the straightforward manner Lionel had when speaking, but he had convinced her to relax, to enjoy the workout the first time.  Something about his tone set her at ease, not to mention the steady stream of soft music that played over the speakers.  At first, Kayla would have sworn she heard something just under the music, a voice whispering to her, but that was crazy, as Lionel quickly pointed out.

After the third time, Lionel had given her the gym uniform for the regulars, and she had nearly squealed like a girl when she put it on in the locker room.  Some of the other girls looked at her with envy as she unceremoniously shed the biker shorts and green tee she usually wore in favor of the NuWay uniform.  In no time, she had wrapped her calves in the light blue warmers and nestled the blue-and-white striped bottoms – little more than warm cotton panties, really – against her sex, which always seemed wet and eager when she was working out.  The yellow top made her tits stand out and she moaned at the thought of being seen working out in such an outfit.  She would be envied because she belonged at NuWay.  As she bent for another squat and let the music wash over her, Kayla found herself daydreaming.

Lionel was there to wake her, standing behind her as she stared at her reflection in one of the gym’s full length mirrors.  Where before she had been lumpy and dark-haired, the blond beauty that stared back at her from the mirror was so much sexier, so much hotter.  Somehow, these workouts, as well as a few of the beauty products Lionel had given her for home house, had conspired to give her a look that erased a decade from her looks, as well as given her a lean body, except where it counted.

She had no idea when these ripe melons had appeared on her chest, only that she loved them.  She found herself playing with them absently all the time, and wondering who would take over the job for her when her hands were busy with something else, like maybe a nice long, hard…

“Ready for your next set?” Lionel asked behind her.

Kayla licked her lips and nodded, bending at the waist and moaning as Lionel’s fingers tugged the striped panties down.  When he entered her, he began counting off each thrust, and Kayla struggled to keep up, but it was getting harder and harder to count as high as Lionel went during these sessions.  She placed her hands flat against the mirror, staring back at her crystal blue eyes reflected back to her.  She seemed to remember them as hazel, but any contentious thinking was banished when Lionel pumped his seed into her. 

“You’ll be ready for the club in no time,” he grinned, stepping back as Kayla spun and knelt before him.  It was important, she knew, to keep her trainer happy.  She opened her mouth and waited for her reward…

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