Four Hundred Followers! Thank You!


Sure, there are plenty of authors out there who have thousands of followers, and, to many, this little milestone is a distant memory, but I’m elated.  First of all, the fact that so many people have read and apparently enjoyed the stories I do is fantastic.  I love all you little kinksters out there who have sampled the wares and come back for more.  Secondly, I am pleased to live in a time where we can not only share a few naughty fantasies, but speak with one another through any number of virtual means to actually chat, to feel that we are neither alone nor ashamed in our pleasant perversions.

For many, reading a book or playing a game or simply fantasizing is their only outlet for expressing desires and kinks, but we are strangely closer together than we have ever been before.  To all the darlings who have found some relief in knowing someone else out there thinks that a lactating girl or gender-swapped guy is sexy, all I can say is this: you keep reading and I promise I will keep writing.  Thank you all so much!


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