Busy, Busy, Busy!


For those of you who frequent the site on a regular basis, you may see some changes.  First of all, the Stories page has been redesigned and now has links to Amazon and Smashwords, so you can get any story in any format you like!  Admittedly, I think the Kindle formatting is best, but use whatever works for you!  Also, you’ll notice that there are samples available for each story.  A little try-before-you-buy never hurt anyone, and a comments section is below each sample so you can make suggestions, ask questions… whatever your heart desires!


Also, several new stories have gone up.  I’ll do a separate post on those, but the first two collections are now live.  Pink Pleasures Volume 1 consists of the first three Pink Institute stories.  The second, Cream, contains three stories that somehow involve lactation and breast feeding, for all of those kinky people like myself who think milk is best au naturale!


Two more stories will be appearing this week, so buckle in for some more naughty fun!  And don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know how you like the stories, or, perhaps, would like to see your own fantasies brought to life!

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