Hot Flash!: Secretary’s Day


Derek peeked out the office door, his name in gold stencil on the face of it, and examined Elaine, his secretary of seven years.  In that time, he had learned to gauge her mood – from frosty to dismissive – and find her cool efficiency helpful, if off-putting.  The latest reports from the Research and Development division had given him other thoughts, though, a way to improve their working relationship. 

Elaine had always been attractive, a key component to her hiring in the first place.  She had been 22 at the time, her dark hair pulled behind her in a tight bun, an immaculately neat woman’s business suit replete with sensible skirt, her flawless skin expertly made-up to convey authority and professionalism.  Still, she couldn’t hide her body completely, a shape that suggested rather than showed a healthy bustline, a wasp-ish waist and a perfectly round ass that Derek had imagined bent over his office desk every time he caught sight of her bending over to retrieve a pencil escaped from her desk. 

She was an excellent secretary, there was no disputing that, but Derek thought her gorgeously sharp features and voluptuous body was going to waste under her reserve and aloofness.  When Kendricks presented the executive team with his ability to genetically modify a growing embryo, Derek wondered immediately if the same principles couldn’t be applied to an adult.

“It’s not the same,” Kendricks protested when Derek first broached the subject.  “We’re manipulating genetic material in its formative stages.  It doesn’t work like that with adults.”

“What can you do?” Derek replied, and the discussion that followed outlined a set of changes Kendricks believed might work.  It was enough for Derek and he quickly set the wheels in motion.

Now, on Secretary’s Day, he presented Elaine with his gifts on his way into the office.  Elaine, of course, arrived before he did.  Over the course of the morning, he’d observed her as she nibbled through some of the chocolates and even absently sucked on one of the candy canes included in the assortment of treats.  It didn’t matter which she chose, as every item had been treated with Kendricks’ modified formula, tailored to affect Elaine in just the ways in which Derek had imagined. 

So far, the only change he had seen was in her hair, which grew lighter with each glance from his door.  Also, Elaine’s habit of chewing on the end of a pen had been substituted by the candy cane, and the way she rocked it in and out of her mouth was more suggestive than she intended, surely.

Lunch came and went, Elaine once more taking her lunch at her desk.  For the first time, Derek felt real hope the formula might work.  In addition to the lightening of her hair, he noticed Elaine’s lips growing puffy and slick-looking, her tongue painting them with candy-flavored saliva.  By the end of lunch, she had cast off the suit jacket, revealing a top that highlighted the curve of her full breasts.  She fanned herself, squirming in her chair while Derek detected a subtle growth in her chest, pushing the already-luscious C-cups into the realm of DDs. 

He waited until mid-afternoon before he checked again.  The infrequent calls to his office were answered just as quickly as before, though several associates commented on the breathy quality of his “new” secretary’s voice.  When his curiosity could be contained no longer, he stepped into the lobby of his office and found Elaine rubbing herself through satin panties, her full lips glistening, her normal expression of precise derision gone, replaced by a dim pleasure.  When she saw Derek standing there, she spread her legs for him, moaning with her newfound lust.

“Is everything alright, Elaine?” he asked, unable to suppress a smile.

“Mmm…” she purred, hands tracing down her thighs to guide Derek’s eyes to her dampening panties.  “I think Ellie is prettier, don’t you?”

“I sure do, Ellie,” Derek said, unbuckling his belt.  Before he could finish the task himself, Ellie was on her knees, groaning with anticipation. 

As her swollen lips formed a seal around his aching erection, Derek imagined all the days to come with the secretary of his dreams. 

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