Sample – Pink Submission: An Institute Tale

Pink Submission

Robert felt rejuvenated by the meal, which brought with it the shame of what he had consumed. So rapt was he in this humiliation that he never considered escape as the yellow doll led him back to his room and locked the door again. He stripped quickly from the skirt and top, leaving the shoes in the bedroom, the stockings balled nearby, as he made his way to the shower where he let the hot water wash over him until it began to cool against his skin.

He climbed beneath the frilly covers and slept, welcoming the oblivion of a dreamless sleep.

The following day, he was greeted by a new note, sure that he would be able to resist the lure of another meal for a day or more. He may be subjected to hunger, but if he could make it two days, the shemale had promised his freedom. This note, however, made no attempt to seduce him with another meal, instead instructing him to dress and follow one of the dolls to a classroom. He couldn’t bring himself to wear the clothes from the previous day, unable to differentiate between them and the taste of cum in his mouth.

He found a silky pink top that fell loosely over him, scoop-necked to reveal the hair of his chest and clinging to his waist, where it had been cut for a woman. The only remaining skirts were tighter and shorter, and he turned in the mirror to see how the Lycra skirt he’d chosen contained his relatively flat rear. He wore stockings that did not meet the hem of the Lycra skirt, leaving three inches of exposed and coarse-haired flesh between. He found the shortest heels he could in the drawer of shoes, selecting one-inch heeled pumps that gave his walk an unfamiliar wiggle.

When he’d finished, he heard the lock turn and he was led down the stairs to the common room, mostly empty with class in session. He saw the thick-bodied maid again, her eyes again turning down. He watched her on his way out, the doll’s hand an ever-present guide, and saw the layered frills of her panties as she bent at the waist to retrieve a loose shoe, left behind from one of the other students, apparently.

The doll’s firm grip on his shoulder never wavered as they crossed the campus to the steps of the Institute proper, climbing the steps. Robert nearly twisted his heel in the unfamiliar shoes as they mounted the steps, but the surprisingly strong doll kept him on both feet. Inside, he saw a slack-faced blonde, nude except for a thick white posture collar around her neck, staring at the computer monitor in front of her. He was led to the right, where he could see a feminine-looking man sitting at a desk.

“Come in,” the instructor said. “Take a seat anywhere.”

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