Sample – Rise of the F-Virus

Muscular attractive fitness woman on gray background in studio


Wilcox stayed mostly isolated, working tirelessly within his lab.  His small frame and wiry look made me wonder what sort of girl he would become, even as I eased his door open and slipped inside, his back to me, hunched over his desk where his fingers hurried over the keyboard.

“Daniel,” I said, drawing his attention.  I was worried that, even though I had reluctantly dressed myself, the physical changes would not go unnoticed.  I thought I could restrain him, if I had to, and part of me hoped he fled, longed for the struggle that I would inevitably win.

“Hey, Robin,” he said and turned back to his laptop.  “It’s nothing earth-shattering, but I think I’m starting to get a handle on the chemical process by which the virus changes its host.  It’s really something, this thing.”

“Allen will be glad to hear progress,” I said, drawing nearer to him.  I was focused on him intently, willing the pheromones I exuded o flow toward Wilcox, to fill his mouth and nose with my scent, to begin to learn the most important lesson of his lice – that I was something to be craved.

“Yeah,” he said, his head raising a little, staring at the whiteboard screwed into the cinderblock wall.  His notations were scribbled in multi-colored marker, and it looked like he was staring at it, but I thought he might be looking at nothing at all, his mind growing foggier with each passing moment.

“Feeling alright, Daniel?” I asked, and even I could hear the sardonic smile in my voice.  “Maybe you should stand up for a minute.  You’re all hunched over and sagging in your chair.”

“Yeah,” he said hazily, arms pushing himself out of the chair, turning slowly toward me.  He had on a tee shirt advertising some long-past rock band, his scraggly hair swept to the left of his face.  Even behind his glasses, I could see that he was squinting, trying to piece his fragmented thoughts together.

“You should come closer.  Let me hold you a minute, Daniel.  Everything will be better.”

“Yeah,” he repeated, his feet moving of their own accord toward me as I spread my arms for him.  The confusion on his face was almost laughable as I wrapped my arms around him, bathing him in my chemical scent.  Ironic, as he was a chemist, I thought.

“Kiss me,” I said, and he turned his head up to me, leaning into the kiss I gave him, sliding my tongue over his lips as my hips began to sway against his.  “Much better, isn’t it?”

He nodded after the kiss was done.  I pictured him among my other conquests, Simmons and Roper, and, yes, even Melissa.  Bowed before me.  Huddled at my feet.  It made me hard to think of it, and I was already loosening my belt when the realization washed over Daniel’s face.  He suddenly knew what I was and what I was doing to him, and all that I could see beyond this knowledge was lust in his eyes.  I felt it, too, a raw and electric thing.  I fumbled with the pants, so I simply tore the button securing it free, relishing the sound of tearing fabric.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and he lowered under the slightest pressure from me, dropping to his knees where he would be eye-level with the phallus that had developed between my legs.  I swept the shaggy hair back from his forehead, looking down at him with a compassionate gaze.  He would be one of my new daughters, and I wanted him to enjoy his baptism as much as I would.

I dragged his lip down with my thumb, his jaw following until he was sitting on his knees with his mouth open and waiting.  I drew him close and his lips formed an ‘O’ as my cock moved past the soft lips and into the dark heat of his mouth.  Though I had been reluctant to engage in such a thing in my former life, I know understood fully the appeal of the blowjob.  Wilcox was running his tongue along my shift as it filled his mouth, and the combination of heat and moisture and just a hint of suction made me sigh with pleasure.

He must have taken my sigh as a sign of encouragement, and he redoubled hi efforts, sucking me in deeper.  I wondered idly if he had ever tasted a cock in his mouth before, but it mattered little.  Soon, this is what he would be, a toy for my amusement, a slave that I may breed or take in any manner I see fit.  For his service, I would give him purpose.


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