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Journal Entry, Jane Harwell – September 12th

Had the best time tonight! I thought this journal page was going to start with how much I hate Maureen Fields, but it turns out that I may have a new best friend, instead!   When Debbie told me Maureen was going to be at the mixer tonight, I was sure I was going to get into it with her.  In fact, I stayed upstairs when all the girls arrived, just so I wouldn’t say or do anything to upset anyone.  You know how I get, Diary!  I heard them come in, but I just kept watching a tv show on my tablet and then I heard a knock on the door and it was Maureen.

She poked her head in and asked if she could come in, and I was about to tell her to go away, but something made me want to give her a chance.  I guess I’m getting soft in my old age!  So, she came in and sat right down on the edge of my bed like she owned the place and gave me this big smile, like she knew something I didn’t know.  I was getting pretty hot about it and then we just started talking.  The weird part is, I can barely remember what we talked about, only that we did for a long time.

After we’d been chatting away like best friends, she asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  I thought it was weird, considering the whole point of the night was that we were going to be meeting and talking to all the sisters and potential pledges, but we were having such a good time talking, I just went with it.  We just went around the block a few times and even cut across campus.

While we were on the quad, Maureen did the funniest thing!  She stopped and took off her shoes and just wandered around in the grass, swinging her arms around and spinning.  She asked me to join her and she looked like she was having such a good time, so I did, too, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so free as I did just standing barefoot in the grass like that.

So, I pretty much ruined the good time we were having when Maureen went to hug me and I got one of her hairs stuck in my mouth and I actually swallowed it!  She laughed and said it was fine while I was trying to spit it out, but I swear it was like that hair was crawling up my tongue to worm down my throat.

On the way back, I told her all about Danny and how he couldn’t stop himself from looking at every girl, especially ones with big boobs like Maureen.  She nodded and said that’s how men were, just big dumb animals that went around shoving their dicks in whatever holes they could.  She said you just had to understand that and everything else made sense.  She’s really smart, even smarter than Kaley, who, by the way, was a real wet blanket.  She said I looked sick when I came home, but I never felt better!

Going off to sleepy-land now, but how weird is it that I can’t wait to see Maureen again?  It’s like I have my first girl crush!  Night, Diary!


Porter slid the journal entries sealed in their plastic evidence bags toward Kaley, who stared down at the pages.

“I want to know what you know about this Maureen person.  There is no record of her attending Smithville University.  No pictures of her, no phone records.  Just a bunch of stories.  How do I even know she’s real, besides what you and these pages say?”

Kaley looked into Porter’s yellowed eyes.  “You keep thinking she should act like a normal person.  She isn’t.”

“Normal?” Porter asked with a chuckle.

“No.  A person.”

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