The Stories

Lust Lessons

Noelle O’Rourke is smart but plain, focusing on the completion of her thesis on split personalities. When she meets the new professor on campus, the beautiful and fiery-haired Calista Cross, she finds herself captivated by the professor’s maternal seduction. Soon, a new personality emerges in Noelle, one driven by lust which threatens to consume her and her friends completely.

 Lust Lessons is over 60 pages of hot transformation and sexual encounters. Fair warning: scenes involve girls becoming sexy sluts and themes of lactation and sexual encounters.

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Pink Surrender

Bored Mistress Carol takes her sissy slave on vacation to the Pink Institute, a facility of mind control and transformation run by Carol’s former colleague, Lady B, who has plans of her own   for the Domme and her slave.

Over 15,000 erotic words of brainwashing, mind control, bimbos, shemales and latex-clad dolls!

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Making Mandy

Let Lyka Bloom guide you through the sensual transformation of a divorcee into the perfect mate for a beautiful shemale.

When Martin Frist met Janessa, he was captivated. After discovering the secret beneath her dress, he is thrust on a journey that will place him in the hands of the exotic shemale beauty.

Contains scenes of mind control, brainwashing and physical transformations.

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Doctor's Orders

After a violent outburst directed at his wife, Derek is ordered to therapy sessions with the beautiful Dr. Hayes. Her unique approach to anger management leaves Derek with a silky fascination and a desire to be more feminine… a desire that a little genetic engineering and mind control make his new reality!

With over 9,000 words of hypnotic and gender-bending action, Doctor’s Orders takes the reader through a change that will leave them just as satisfied as the increasingly feminine Derek!

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When Julia Dane is hired to locate a lovely attorney’s missing step-sister, she finds herself drawn into a world of bondage and supernatural terror.

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Wyrmwood House has long been known as Brightmoor’s haunted house, its owner, the mysterious Dorothea Wyrmwood, the subject of local rumors and suspicions. When Kelly and Marilyn find themselves on the front porch of the mysterious manor on a Halloween dare, they find themselves changed forever at the hands of a beautiful witch.

This ~9000 word story features magical transformations and mind control, including dollification and anthropomorphic metamorphosis (catgirl). Happy Halloween from Lyka Bloom!

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When Daniel is washed ashore after a freak storm, he discovers the island that saved his life may also be a prison he cannot escape. Sensual and mythological creatures seduce him with a life of pleasure – at the cost of his own masculinity! Can he escape their siren song or will he join their ranks as a nymphet?

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Pink Submission

Small-time thief Robert makes the mistake of trying to steal from Lady B and the Pink Institute. Rather than send him to jail, Lady B devises a much better, and sexier, way to atone for his crime. Will Robert find a way out of the Institute or remain as its newest employee?

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Gamer Girl

Game tester Michael receives a new life simulator for quality assurance. Using the simulator as a way to exact a virtual revenge on his girlfriend, Michael unwittingly creates a new feminine body and new attitude for himself, thanks to some unexpected game aids he receives in the mail! Filled with hypnotic and gender-bending fun, feminization and hypnotic mind control!

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Dressing Dawn

When sullen Goth Dawn runs afoul of the perpetually perky Kaylee, she learns that revenge is a dish best served hot and wet! With the acceptance of a simple gift, Dawn finds herself transforming into the very thing she detested – a hot and insatiable bimbo. But is there more to this transformation than Kaylee’s revenge?

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Fertile Fields

An investigation by a sexy reporter into the disappearances of girls in a rural farm community leads to a discovery that could change her life forever! With the aid of one of the missing girl’s lesbian lover, Ellen will confront an insidious conspiracy that prefers its women buxom, obedient and ready for milking!

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 When the exotic Lady B is taken to court by a former client and his wife, Lady B responds in a way befitting the headmistress of the Pink Institute – with three erotic transformations! Shemales, sissy maids and bimbos populate this new entry in the Tales of the Institute series, the longest and hottest yet!

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 Pink Pleasure

A collection of the first three stories in the Tales of the Institute series. Follow the seductive Lady B as she bends the will and transforms the lives of all those who cross her path. In Pink Seduction, Lady B helps a colleague relax into servitude while her pet is given the power in their relationship. In Pink Surrender, a would-be criminal finds himself trapped into becoming a permanent part of the Pink Institute. And, Pink Bliss follows the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Lady B, who seduces them all into a settlement they can all enjoy.

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Milk Maid

Natalie moves into a small apartment in the home of Molly Danvers, unaware that Dr. Danvers is collecting a stable of milk-making and sex-addicted slaves. After one taste of the erotic lactation, will Natalie be able to escape her newfound addiction or be drowned in milky mindlessness?

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Three stories featuring the transformative powers of lactation… In Lust Lessons, a college student finds that her professor is manipulating her into joining a family of lusty seductresses. Fertile Fields takes you to a town where the men like their women old-fashioned and their milk fresh! In Milk Maid, a new apartment because a lust-filled prison when Natalie finds herself addicted to the milk provided by Dr. Danvers’ family of bimbos.

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Island Retreat Cover

Marnie is marooned on an uncharted island. Upon exploring she finds herself entangled in an arranged fantasy world where women give themselves up as livestock and latex-clad dolls. Their caretaker, Solita, finds herself drawn to Marnie and one question becomes clear… will she ever allow Marnie to leave?

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 Rubberwerks Big

A group of young American tourists discovers an abandoned building in the Mexican jungle. Within, they discover a threat that promises intense pleasure at the sacrifice of their minds and bodies. Filled with rubbery transformations and erotic horror!

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Island Retreat New Arrivals Big

Mischa searches for her lost cousin and, with the aid of the mysterious Carmen, traces her to an island of forbidden pleasures. There, she is caught up in the island’s intrigue and its perverse delights. Featuring latex dolls, human statues and ponygirls, New Arrivals is sure to delight any fetish fan!

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Minor-league witch Magda is content to run her adult toy store in peace, but local protestors have a different idea for her and The Toy Chest. When one of the protestors tours the store after hours, a powerful magic is unleashed and he will never be the same!

A Touch of Magic contains explicit scenes of sexual activity and gender swapping through magical means.

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On the prowl for a new sexual conquest, Denny meets the gorgeous Kelly and the alluring Lauren. As his obsession with Lauren grows, his body and mind warp into Lauren’s perfect bimbo!


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When Lady B starts a website highlighting her students from the Pink Institute, two vice detectives arrive to investigate claims of prostitution. When one of the detectives, a young woman named Dana Collier, challenges Lady B, the sultry Mistress decides to change the detective’s outlook on life and love.


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When Lily finds herself in the clutches of the seductive Mistress Elena, she could never suspect her captor’s true intention – to turn Lily into a ponygirl! With an underground ponygirl competition on the horizon, Mistress Elena must erase Lily’s humanity and train her to be the prize-winning pony she desires. The Stable Games trilogy begins!

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In the sequel to Inferno: Infection, Dennis and his band of would-be saviors make an assault on Lilith’s lair. In the aftermath, lives are lost and Lilith reveals a plan to turn the world into a perverse Hell on Earth.

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With Dana Collier transformed into another of Lady B’s lusty subjects, her partner confronts the alluring Lady B. Using her latest toy, Lady B must twist the minds of Detective Dawes and his wife to protect herself and the Pink Institute, but has she gone too far in feminizing the detective who threatens her? A tale of feminization, sissification, FemDom, shemales and hypnotic transformation!

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Darcy has admired her roommate, Claire, for years. After a trip to the mall, Claire is now showing Darcy more affection than she ever expected, but something else is happening. Claire’s body is changing, along with her attitudes about everything, especially sex. Torn between her love for her friend and her fear at her metamorphosis, Darcy must attempt to save Claire… or become something else!

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Single mother Sienna discovers her son has been frequenting an online world where he serves Mistress Olivia as her sissy slave. When she attempts to infiltrate this virtual world, Sienna discovers that the effects can be all too real and her life, and her son’s, will never be the same!

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Two friends discover the cost of trespassing on Dorothea Wyrmwood’s home on Halloween. When a charm is stolen, hidden desires will be revealed and two girls will find their minds and bodies twisted into sex-starved human cows, desperate to escape the curse of being forever trapped in their milk-filled new forms!

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Three stories of doll transformations! Two Mistresses play a tempting game with one another. A husband condemns his trophy wife to a life as his ideal spouse. A superheroine and her sidekick run afoul of a villainess trafficking in girls turned into dolls for the highest bidder. A deliciously decadent trio of dolly tales!

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When a young, wealthy man with a desire to feminize himself discovers the miraculous NuWay program, he crafts himself into his deepest desire… a gorgeous and seductive woman. However, his attempts to program himself leads him down a path to darkness, determined now to create his (her!) own harem of like-minded sluts!

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When sultry witch Magda tries to help a husband give his wife a night to remember, he finds himself fighting a powerful spell intent on transforming him from husband to daughter! Will Magda be able to reverse the spell in time or will Derrick find a new life as a high school girl?

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The search is on for Lily as Rachel enlists the aid of a private detective, but will they be in time to stop Lily’s descent into a life of bondage and slavery? As The Stable Games draw near, Elena’s training intensifies with a single goal – to create the perfect ponygirl.

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One man chronicles the changes he and his wife undergo as the F-Virus transforms them both to be perfect hosts. Will a cure be found or will this married couple succumb to the temptations of their new bodies?

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A broken-down van leads five friends to the isolated town of Calico Corner. There, they discover a terrifying curse which will shape their fates… and their bodies!

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Amazon BrideSmall

An expedition into the heart of the Amazon leads a group of researchers into the clutches of an Amazon tribe, ruled by a futa queen. Terrified that they will fall victim to the Amazons’ cruel practices, they are shocked to discover they are intended to become part of the tribe!

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Trisha, the newest resident of an apartment building, is surprised to learn her beautiful upstairs neighbor is involved in a relationship of submissive pleasures. When she is caught spying, she is seduced into a world of hypnotic submission, where her first time with a girl may seal her fate as a lesbian forever!

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Following Lady B’s daring and reckless transformations of two detectives investigating her, Lady B’s lover, Aurora, conceives a plan to overthrow the rule of the seductive and powerful shemale goddess.

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Lana Rae has spent years forging herself into a model of feminine beauty. A new treatment to enhance her femininity comes with an unexpected side effect – namely the ability to feminize her lovers!

Unaware of her new and hidden ability, Lana arranges a date with a fan who has admired the sexy shemale while fostering his own sissy fantasies. When he wakes to find his body changing into the object of his desires, he and Lana must find the cause of his condition and resist their urges to fall further into their taboo tryst, or Danielle may be left in the body of a woman forever! But, is that really so bad?

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Tom Collinsworth has never had to work an honest day in his life. His selfishness at work and home becomes the spark that ignites a terrible fight between Tom and his wife, Emily.

With his furious wife out of town, Tom agrees to go on a corporate retreat. Finding the accommodations staffed by gorgeous women, Tom and his fellow businessmen hardly suspect the fate that awaits them.

They soon learn that their friends and family have sentenced them to experience life as women of their own choosing, and Tom must fight to retain his identity, even as a new personality – Katie – begins to take over.

CORPORATE TAKEOVER: PART ONE follows Tom as his feminization begins, including his first time with a boy! A taboo tale of gender transformation, these are the first heeled steps of a man forced to dress as a woman and recognize that he is at the mercy of powerful femdom captors!

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Tom continues his journey to femininity, consigned to the Janus Institute by his wife and former assistant. As he fights the attempts to feminize him, he must also resist the growing influence of his female identity, Katie.

To combat his struggle, Raquel and the rest of the staff put Tom under the knife, where his body is transformed to match Katie’s persona. In the end, can he ever turn back, or will Katie finally take control and lead him into a new life?

Contains scenes of feminization, female dominance and mild age regression.

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Been wondering about all these Toy Chest stories? Wonder no more! In one handy-dandy collection, you get the first three published stories, over 30,000 words of gender-bending, body-shaping, mind-warping sexy goodness!

Follow the beautiful witch Magda as her powers erupt in unexpected ways, turning high school hunks into sexy girls and uptight protestors into lesbian-loving goth girls! See an impulsive husband find himself transforming into his wife’s daughter!

With dark forces in pursuit, Magda’s magical mayhem will continue!

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A collection of shorts only seen before on the author’s website, these six sexy stories are designed to curl your toes and melt your inhibitions.

In each, inhibited and sometimes cruel women are warped and twisted, body and mind, to become hypersexual sluts with lust on the brain! From dollified wives to teachers who learn that sometimes the students know best, each tantalizing treat explores a different taboo fantasy!

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Pursued by a dangerous and ancient evil calling itself The Mother, powerful witch Magda finds herself reluctant to use her magical powers for fear of drawing its attention. When a wealthy, aged man comes calling, he offers her release from The Mother’s threats in exchange for a transformation into a young girl, a way for him to begin a new life with his power and wealth intact.

Assisted by her new employee and friend Lyndsey, Magda agrees, but the wealthy stranger is not all that he appears. As his swap from male to female begins, his true plot is revealed and Magda and her allies must work together to stop him before The Mother takes Magda as its own!

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A companion to the best-selling Corporate Takeover series, Candi’s Tale follows millionaire internet mogul Bill Sadler’s transformation into the voluptuous and vapid Candi.

After his affair with an employee’s wife is discovered, Bill finds himself in the hands of the Janus Institute. His womanizing ways have defined him in the past, and now he will find that the very type of woman he treated as objects will be his fate!

In Part One, Bill’s process of feminization begins, his body and thoughts shaped to fit the image of a blond bimbo. Now matter how he fights the compulsion to dress and act like a wanton slut, the urges are undeniable. Before his time is done, he’ll find himself on his hands and knees, accepting anything put in front of him!

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When Caleb goes searching for a part-time job, he encounters a gorgeous shop owner who offers him a job… and a free gift. His new hairclip comes with a goddess’s magic, and he soon finds his body and mind changed to suit his new futa goddess.

The beginning of a new series by Lyka Bloom contains male to female gender transformation and futa sex! You’ve been warned!

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In the sequel to ‘Help Wanted,’ Caleb-turned-Sarah is on the prowl to find an outfit for her new body and to secure a second handmaiden for her Goddess. Fortunately for her, Caleb’s old friend Dyson is on his way to meet her, unaware that this shopping trip is just for girls… and he’s included!

Filled with gender transformation action and a finals cene with the Goddess herself, ‘Girls’ Day Out’ will give you all the sexy, slippery fun Lyka Bloom is known for!

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New lovers Danny and Anna are the perfect couple – beautiful and with promising futures. Their flaws will be revealed when they explore the local carnival and discover a world where anything is possible… for a price.

Containing elements of dollification and gender transformation, Funhouse is a dark fairy tale that grants the characters, and the readers, their fondest desires!

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David has lived with a secret all his life – he secretly longs to be a woman. His alter ego, Darla, has dogged him for years, and a long weekend gives her all the reason Darla needs to come out an play.

The resulting experiences and sensations lead David to question himself and everything about himself, culminating in life-changing decisions!

While this is a work of fiction, this is an attempt to take a more realistic and life-affirming look at gender transformation. Although sex is discussed, no scenes of sexual contact are depicted.

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Carl Derrickson is a small-time crook given a chance to leave his prison home for a scientific study helmed by an enigmatic and beautiful woman. As he and a selection of convicts explore the campgrounds they are taken to, Derrickson quickly realizes that something strange is happening at this camp, and he may be too close to escape!

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As the competition draws near, Lily’s transformation into Dusk is completed while her friend, Rachel, makes a devil’s bargain in a last effort to find her friend. As she descends into the world of BDSM, Rachel finds previously unknown desires surface. With the aid of her new Mistress, Rachel becomes part of a plan to free Lily from the clutches of Mistress Elena.

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Brothers Track and Randy Purcell have more in common than the business they run. They are also adulterers, and their wives have just learned of their infidelity. With the aid of Raquel Benson and the Janus Institute, each brother will soon find themselves changing into something they could never imagine!

Featuring two compete and distinct transformations, this newest entry into the Corporate Takeover universe features male to female transformations with two very different results!

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GR Grand Opening Small

With Southern Treasures now opening, previous transformed shopgirls Sarah and Emily compete to see who can inspire the most perfect transformation.

While Sarah focuses on a local politician with a penchant for bondage videos, Emily finds a challenge in bringing together a man and wife on the rocks. Thanks to the items for sale, each of them will warp the bodies and minds of their subjects to fit their secret desires… and to serve the Goddess Cassandra!

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Celebrate Halloween the Lyka Bloom way! When another quartet of visitors goes searching for adventure in the mysterious Wyrmwood House, the beautiful and dangerous witch Dorothea treats them to transformations of mind and body. While one of the visitors finds herself singled out by the temptress, her friends confront hidden desires and witch-y justice, including transformations too taboo to describe here!

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TaT Vol1 Small

Just in time for Halloween, the first three entries in the Trick and Treat series are here in one volume! Join the enigmatic witch Dorothea Wyrmwood as she serves up magical justice to those who dare trespass into her home on the spookiest of all holidays – Halloween! Filled with transformations of body and mind, including male to female, neko, dolls and some too daring to describe!

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Island of the Mermaids Small

Following a mysterious storm, a 19th century cargo ship runs aground on an uncharted island. The crew begins to exhibit strange behaviors while each night a mysterious entity sings its haunting song from the ocean. Soon, these men will find themselves slipping under a siren’s spell which will claim them for all time, twisting their bodies and minds as they are claimed by the sea.

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GR Holy War Large

Cassandra, the goddess of lust and desire now returned to the world of man, has seen her influence grow. While bemoaning the need for a worthy new victim, Cassandra’s acolytes find Rich, a young man just looking for a replacement for his girlfriend’s cheerleading accessories. He finds himself turning into the very object of his desire, but not before he is seen in the midst of his change by the local priest. Father Conlan confronts Cassandra and finds that his old-time religion may not be enough to save him from becoming another member in Cassandra’s harem of worshipers.

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Hive Large

An alien intelligence falls to earth and finds a new host in a local artist, hiding from the world in her home in rural Kentucky. After being exposed to the alien sentience, Randy finds herself becoming something new, an agent of the intelligence bent on converting all to its needs. When Randy’s ex-lover comes to visit, she finds Randy unconscious and deep in the throes of some dark pleasure. Can she save her friend or is Dawn, too, destined to become part of the Hive?

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Hooter 1 Small

Four young men looking for the best place to pick up women find themselves in Danvers, Alabama, also known as Hooter Holler for its reputation as the home for unbelievably buxom and beautiful women. The local population of sex-crazed bimbos hide a terrible secret, one which will reveal itself only when it’s too late to stop!

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Call of the Faeries 2 Small

Gloria has seen the fae and now seeks to find a way into the mystical world they inhabit. As she sees a co-worker of the mundane shoe store fall victim to the influence of the store’s secret inhabitants, Gloria tries to find her way inside. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, James, notices the changes in Gloria’s behavior and searches for answers to the mystery of his girlfriend’s strange behavior. Soon, Gloria and James both will find that the world of the fae, once witnessed, is not so quick to let them go.

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Femme Fantastic Small

A collection of four gender-bending and transformation tales of fantasy. Femme Fantastic takes you to a world where faeries induct new sisters into their family from a common shoe store in a pair of “Call of the Faeries” stories, deposits you on the shores of an uncharted island where a hapless crew finds themselves lost and changed by the call of a mermaid in “Island of the Mermaids,” and abandons you with a survivor who desperately tries to resist the lure of blissfully sexual temptresses in “Nymphet.”

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Body Shop 1 SmallIn the not-too-distant future, humans have the ability to transfer their consciousnesses into synthetics, artificial beings designed to allow anyone to find their perfect body. Stephanie works for The Body Shop, assisting those who use the service in accepting their new appearance without lasting psychological damage.

Whens she discovers her boyfriend, Nick, cheating on her, Stephanie enacts a plan to change more than his body, placing him in the form of a lust-inducing sexpot. While Nick struggles to find his way back to his body, this new flesh craves pleasure. How long can Nick resist before he forgets what he was before and becomes the perfect sexual object?

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PG2SmallMichael has long held his desires secret from his wife. While in his office, he wear panties and talks to online Mistresses in a virtual chat room called NewU. When his wife discovers his secret, she goes undercover in the game to learn more, but what she doesn’t expect is to meet a hypnotic mistress ready and able to convince Maggie that her husband’s hidden life should be encouraged. As Maggie assumes the role of Mistress, Michael goes from online sissy to real life cuckold!

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CarverHouse1LargeAs part of a prisoner program, Lonnie agrees to serve his sentence at the enigmatic Carver House. Once there, he finds that the headmistress, Miss Adler, intends to make him a model citizen… and a girl! As he adjusts to the changes coursing through his mind and body, Lonnie will find a new life and uncover a sexy conspiracy!

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MtDS Crimson Moon SmashThe town of Sunvale is host to all sorts of supernatural problems. Luckily, Muffy and her gang of friends are there to keep the world safe! That is, until a cursed ring finds its way onto Muffy’s finger, changing Muffy inside and out into a curvy blonde bimbette.  As her friends struggle to save her, they, too, become victims of the curse. Oh, and there’s another apocalypse on the way!

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Pink AwakeningThe Pink Institute is back open for business! With Lady B brought low, it’s up to Aurora and Nikki to carry on the work of the Institute. All is going well until a city council measure threatens to close the doors forever. With very existence of the Pink Institute at stake, can Aurora defend all she loves without succumbing to the temptation of the power Lady B once possessed?

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Casino ChangeThe Lucky Eye casino has stood on the edges of Reno, abandoned for decades. When a freak storm forces four friends inside for shelter, they soon discover that the casino may be empty, but it is far from unoccupied. Its residents are decadent explorers of pleasure, desperate to be made flesh once more. The quartet finds that they are assaulted and seduced into relinquishing their bodies for the lusty residents of the casino.

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Gamer Girl 3 LargeFollowing the events of Gamer Girl 2, the suit and software that work hand-in-hand to change the minds and bodies of its users are in the hands of the megalomaniacal DiDi, who intends to pervert the world in her own image.

Standing in the way of her latest plot is Philo, a computer hacker working for the F.B.I. With his discovery of the true purpose of the ChangeU software and body suit, he must track down DiDi and her minions. But will his own desires lead him instead into a trap of DiDi’s design?

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Gamer Girl GOTY LargeCollecting all three Gamer Girl stories into one package, Gamer Girl: Game of the Year Edition chronicles the evolution of the experimental game designed to twist the minds and bodies of its users into something entirely different and almost always more feminine!

Follow along as the software goes underground, giving rise to a futa goddess who intends to spread her gift to the rest of the world!

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CT New Sister

When Curtis Dillon runs afoul of his spoiled step-daughter, she enlists the aide of The Janus Institute to turn her conservative step-dad into a sexy step-sister! As Curtis finds himself battling his new feminine persona, the Janus Institute devises its own plans for the young woman who delivered him into his new life!

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Beautiful athletic woman showing muscles on smoke

While the F-Virus rages above, turning men into feminized and docile servants and the women into alpha futas, a group of scientists and military personnel survive in an underground shelter. As a cure for the virus continues to elude the science team, tensions rise due to dwindling supplies and frayed patience by the military support team.

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Muscular attractive fitness woman on gray background in studio

With the F-Virus raging above them, a group of survivors dodge the transformational effects of the virus in an underground bunker. What they don’t know is that a mutated form of the virus has infected members of the group and a plot unfolds to bring the rest into the family of infected.

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genie looking at bottle in hand


When Brian happens upon a tarnished lamp, he thinks it’s just a curious bit of junk. An accidental rub releases the genie of the lamp, Lenore, who promises him three wishes. Brian’s excitement to use Lenore’s magical gifts to pursue his beautiful crush becomes a transformational experience, leaving Brian in the body of a sexy woman!

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Charming Asian girl in japanese maid costume


Derek is excited by the thought of an upcoming costume party, especially when his girlfriend, Casey, has decided to go as a meido, a Japanese-inspired maid. While assembling the perfect costume, Derek discovers a maid’s cap that will be the perfect accessory- one that will possess them both and change them inside and out.

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Two beautiful sisters


When Reggie walks in on his sister, Sarah, a self-proclaimed witch, he interrupts a private ritual. When Sarah makes a hasty wish, Reggie finds himself shrinking in both mind and body as he begins to take on the characteristics of a young girl – the sister Sarah always wanted!

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elegant businesswoman talking on her cell phone

Collecting the first four stories in the best-selling Corporate Takeover series, Hostile Takeovers introduces Raquel Benson and the Janus Institute. When a group of misogynistic executives arrives at the Janus Institute for a corporate retreat, they are stunned to find that the entire event was a ruse intended to imprison them in the clutches of a ruthless woman who intends to transform each of them into their ideal feminine selves.

With over 40000 words of gender-bending and steamy fun, this introduction to the world of Corporate Takeover is perfect for new readers!

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attractive secretary with eyeglasses. office background

Byron is a work-from-home warrior for the Male Rights Movement. His activities have attracted the attention of Raquel Benson, head of the Janus Institute and a believer in a certain kind of justice. Without warning, Byron finds himself with a new body and a new identity, one far more feminine than he could ever imagine. Now, can he resist the urges of this new body? And what will he become if he cannot?

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Charming brunette in bed with her teddy bear

After losing his parents in an accident, Kevin Humphries is sent to the home of his “Aunt” Caroline, a friend of his mothers who has assumed responsibility for the orphaned boy. Once in her clutches, however, Kevin finds himself in a struggle for his very identity as the domineering Caroline attempts to recreate him as her new daughter.

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Tommy and his college friends are out for a night on the town. When the wander astray into an unfamiliar neighborhood, the trio find themselves at The Lipstick Lounge, a lesbian bar with a distinct manner of dealing with newcomers.

Now, trapped and at the whim of his captors, Tommy finds himself changing in mind and body, becoming the ideal of Lipstick Lounge staff and patrons. Will he be able to resist the manipulations of the lesbian cabal who possess him? Does he even want to?

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A low-level crook in debt to a bookie takes on a simple assignment to resolve his debts – steal a mysterious book from a strange house. While the heist goes well, the book and the odd substance spilled during the theft create a change in our hero. His body blossomed into a stunning blonde goddess, “Bambi” is now free to explore the world and remake it in her own image.

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Brian is a shy college student, harassed by his younger sister and ignored by his crush – the campus librarian. His longing for her is put to the test when he discovers his would-be girlfriend is a lesbian!

Late one night, Brian discovers he can shift into the body of any woman in literature. Armed with this secret power, Brian sets out to woo the librarian. But what happens when the character decides they want to keep living on their own? And is it so bad to become another person entirely?

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Beautiful pin up girl.

Smithville University is a typically small college in Middle America. When a new students transfers in, strange things start happening to the sisters of the Phi Mu sorority, changes that make them more buxom, docile creatures. The mysterious Maureen appears to be at the center of it all, and sorority sister Kaley sets out to find out what makes her sisters act so strangely before the same fate can befall her!

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