Corporate Takeover: Brothers to Sisters

Brothers Track and Randy Purcell have more in common than the business they run. They are also adulterers, and their wives have just learned of their infidelity. With the aid of Raquel Benson and the Janus Institute, each brother will soon find themselves changing into something they could never imagine!

The Goddess Returned: Girls' Day Out

In the sequel to ‘Help Wanted,’ Caleb-turned-Sarah is on the prowl to find an outfit for her new body and to secure a second handmaiden for her Goddess. Fortunately for her, Caleb’s old friend Dyson is on his way to meet her, unaware that this shopping trip is just for girls… and he’s included!

Girly Weekend

David has lived with a secret all his life - he secretly longs to be a woman. His alter ego, Darla, has dogged him for years, and a long weekend gives her all the reason Darla needs to come out an play.

The Goddess Returned: Grand Opening

While Sarah focuses on a local politician with a penchant for bondage videos, Emily finds a challenge in bringing together a man and wife on the rocks. Thanks to the items for sale, each of them will warp the bodies and minds of their subjects to fit their secret desires... and to serve the Goddess Cassandra!

Trick and Treat 3: The Student Witch

Celebrate Halloween the Lyka Bloom way! When another quartet of visitors goes searching for adventure in the mysterious Wyrmwood House, the beautiful and dangerous witch Dorothea treats them to transformations of mind and body. While one of the visitors finds herself singled out by the temptress, her friends confront hidden desires and witch-y justice, including transformations too taboo to describe here!

Island of the Mermaids

Following a mysterious storm, a 19th century cargo ship runs aground on an uncharted island. The crew begins to exhibit strange behaviors while each night a mysterious entity sings its haunting song from the ocean. Soon, these men will find themselves slipping under a siren's spell which will claim them for all time, twisting their bodies and minds as they are claimed by the sea.

The Goddess Returned: Holy War

Cassandra, the goddess of lust and desire now returned to the world of man, has seen her influence grow. While bemoaning the need for a worthy new victim, Cassandra's acolytes find Rich, a young man just looking for a replacement for his girlfriend's cheerleading accessories. He finds himself turning into the very object of his desire, but not before he is seen in the midst of his change by the local priest. Father Conlan confronts Cassandra and finds that his old-time religion may not be enough to save him from becoming another member in Cassandra's harem of worshipers.

The Hive: Invasion

An alien intelligence falls to earth and finds a new host in a local artist, hiding from the world in her home in rural Kentucky. After being exposed to the alien sentience, Randy finds herself becoming something new, an agent of the intelligence bent on converting all to its needs. When Randy's ex-lover comes to visit, she finds Randy unconscious and deep in the throes of some dark pleasure. Can she save her friend or is Dawn, too, destined to become part of the Hive?

The Jiggly Curse of Hooter Holler

Four young men looking for the best place to pick up women find themselves in Danvers, Alabama, also known as Hooter Holler for its reputation as the home for unbelievably buxom and beautiful women. The local population of sex-crazed bimbos hide a terrible secret, one which will reveal itself only when it's too late to stop!

Call of the Faeries 2: Beyond the Door

Gloria has seen the fae and now seeks to find a way into the mystical world they inhabit. As she sees a co-worker of the mundane shoe store fall victim to the influence of the store's secret inhabitants, Gloria tries to find her way inside. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, James, notices the changes in Gloria's behavior and searches for answers to the mystery of his girlfriend's strange behavior. Soon, Gloria and James both will find that the world of the fae, once witnessed, is not so quick to let them go.

The Body Shop

In the not-too-distant future, humans have the ability to transfer their consciousnesses into synthetics, artificial beings designed to allow anyone to find their perfect body. Stephanie works for The Body Shop, assisting those who use the service in accepting their new appearance without lasting psychological damage. Whens she discovers her boyfriend, Nick, cheating on her, Stephanie enacts a plan to change more than his body, placing him in the form of a lust-inducing sexpot. While Nick struggles to find his way back to his body, this new flesh craves pleasure. How long can Nick resist before he forgets what he was before and becomes the perfect sexual object?

Parental Guidance 2: Woman of the House

Michael has long held his desires secret from his wife. While in his office, he wear panties and talks to online Mistresses in a virtual chat room called NewU. When his wife discovers his secret, she goes undercover in the game to learn more, but what she doesn’t expect is to meet a hypnotic mistress ready and able to convince Maggie that her husband’s hidden life should be encouraged. As Maggie assumes the role of Mistress, Michael goes from online sissy to real life cuckold!

Carver House: Lonnie's Tale

As part of a prisoner program, Lonnie agrees to serve his sentence at the enigmatic Carver House. Once there, he finds that the headmistress, Miss Adler, intends to make him a model citizen… and a girl! As he adjusts to the changes coursing through his mind and body, Lonnie will find a new life and uncover a sexy conspiracy!

Muffy the Demon Slayer: Crimson Moon

The town of Sunvale is host to all sorts of supernatural problems. Luckily, Muffy and her gang of friends are there to keep the world safe! That is, until a cursed ring finds its way onto Muffy’s finger, changing Muffy inside and out into a curvy blonde bimbette. As her friends struggle to save her, they, too, become victims of the curse. Oh, and there’s another apocalypse on the way!

Pink Awakening

The Pink Institute is back open for business! With Lady B brought low, it’s up to Aurora and Nikki to carry on the work of the Institute. All is going well until a city council measure threatens to close the doors forever. With very existence of the Pink Institute at stake, can Aurora defend all she loves without succumbing to the temptation of the power Lady B once possessed?

Casino of Change

The Lucky Eye casino has stood on the edges of Reno, abandoned for decades. When a freak storm forces four friends inside for shelter, they soon discover that the casino may be empty, but it is far from unoccupied. Its residents are decadent explorers of pleasure, desperate to be made flesh once more. The quartet finds that they are assaulted and seduced into relinquishing their bodies for the lusty residents of the casino.

Gamer Girl 3: MMOh!

Following the events of Gamer Girl 2, the suit and software that work hand-in-hand to change the minds and bodies of its users are in the hands of the megalomaniacal DiDi, who intends to pervert the world in her own image.

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