Tales of the Institute

The Tales of the Institute series is inspired by a real TG dominatrix who enjoys a little corruption of the innocent, just like me.  Though these stories are obviously fantasy, there is a kernel of truth in each of them.  Also, the second story was further inspired by a reader who wanted to be placed in the story.  I was happy to oblige!

Pink Surrender

Bored Mistress Carol takes her sissy slave on vacation to the Pink Institute, a facility of mind control and transformation run by Carol’s former colleague, Lady B, who has plans of her own for the Domme and her slave.

Over 15,000 erotic words of brainwashing, mind control, bimbos, shemales and latex-clad dolls!


Small-time thief Robert makes the mistake of trying to steal from Lady B and the Pink Institute. Rather than send him to jail, Lady B devises a much better, and sexier, way to atone for his crime. Will Robert find a way out of the Institute or remain as its newest employee?


When the exotic Lady B is taken to court by a former client and his wife, Lady B responds in a way befitting the headmistress of the Pink Institute – with three erotic transformations! Shemales, sissy maids and bimbos populate this new entry in the Tales of the Institute series, the longest and hottest yet!

Pink Pleasure

A collection of the first three stories in the Tales of the Institute series. Follow the seductive Lady B as she bends the will and transforms the lives of all those who cross her path. In Pink Seduction, Lady B helps a colleague relax into servitude while her pet is given the power in their relationship. In Pink Surrender, a would-be criminal finds himself trapped into becoming a permanent part of the Pink Institute. And, Pink Bliss follows the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Lady B, who seduces them all into a settlement they can all enjoy.


When Lady B starts a website highlighting her students from the Pink Institute, two vice detectives arrive to investigate claims of prostitution. When one of the detectives, a young woman named Dana Collier, challenges Lady B, the sultry Mistress decides to change the detective’s outlook on life and love.



With Dana Collier transformed into another of Lady B’s lusty subjects, her partner confronts the alluring Lady B. Using her latest toy, Lady B must twist the minds of Detective Dawes and his wife to protect herself and the Pink Institute, but has she gone too far in feminizing the detective who threatens her? A tale of feminization, sissification, FemDom, shemales and hypnotic transformation!

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Following Lady B’s daring and reckless transformations of two detectives investigating her, Lady B’s lover, Aurora, conceives a plan to overthrow the rule of the seductive and powerful shemale goddess.

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Pink AwakeningThe Pink Institute is back open for business! With Lady B brought low, it’s up to Aurora and Nikki to carry on the work of the Institute. All is going well until a city council measure threatens to close the doors forever. With very existence of the Pink Institute at stake, can Aurora defend all she loves without succumbing to the temptation of the power Lady B once possessed?

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