Sample – The Goddess Returned: Holy War

GR Holy War Large


“Looking for anything in particular,” the girl behind the blonde said, and she was just as attractive in a wholly different way.  Where the blonde was a playmate fantasy, this girl was smaller, but darkly made-up and sultry.

“Yeah, um, kind of.”

The blonde giggled and wiggled over to him.  “My name’s Sarah, and that- “She pointed to the other girl with a long, pink nail. “-is Emily.  We can help you find almost anything.”

Rich felt his hands nervously cram into his pockets again.  He wasn’t shy by any stretch, but these girls, taken as a team (and that image would follow him), were intimidating in their beauty.

“My girlfriend’s a cheerleader and-”

“Ooh, good for you!” Sarah giggled.

“Well, she lost her pom-poms.  You know those things they wave around?”

“Of course I know what pom-poms are, silly willy!”  Sarah was beside him, draping an arm over his shoulder, which was only made possible by the towering pink heels she wore, and she turned him to the right wall of the shop where a jumble of items sat beside each other on the shelves, a collection of mismatched oddities including toy rain engine and a glass vase that seemed to have some sort of swirling smoke held inside it.  “And we just got some in!”

“Really?” he asked, incredulous at his good fortune and the heady and florals cent of the girl beside him.  Her top was cut low, so he could make out the tops of her breasts, and the flawless tan skin was too entrancing to tear his eyes from, even though he knew she must be able to tell where his gaze fell.  ‘A girl like this,’ he rationalized, ‘wore this just so I would look.’

“Really really!  And I hope It’s okay if they in red-and-white.”

Her hand moved from him and lifted the pair of pom-poms from the shelf, holding them aloft and giving them a little wiggle, the tassels whispering as they rubbed together.

“That’s perfect, actually.  That’s our school colors.”

“That’s some good luck,” Emily said from behind, drawing Rich’s attention over his shoulder.  She was leaning against the sales counter, her purple-and-black-clad legs crossed over one another, her arms folded beneath her chest to show off the fact that she wasn’t tiny up top, either.

“Yeah.  Yeah, it is,” Rich agreed.  “How much are they?”

“Hmmm…” Sarah considered, looking him over, as if appraising a car she might purchase.  “For a young stud like you, how about you consider it a gift.  You just have to come say thanks when you get some use out of them.”

“They’re not for me,” he laughed.  “They’re for my girlfriend.”

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud.  Guys can be cheerleaders, too.  Just not as cute as the girl ones,” Sarah giggled again.

“Well, thanks.  Are you sure it’s cool?  I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.”

“It’s fine” Emily assured him from her post by the counter.  “Our boss practically insists we give a few things away.”

“Cool.  Well, I’ll definitely be back.  Thanks, again!”

The girls watched as her awkwardly left, looking behind him at the salesgirls inside.  Sarah jiggled her way to Emily’s side.

“Oh, he’ll be back alright,” Sarah said, low and ominous.

“You know, you really can’t pull off that kind of menacing sound with hoop earrings that big,” Emily grinned and leaned up to kiss her fellow handmaiden.

Sarah returned the gesture with a healthy amount of pink tongue and gave her companion’s ass a squeeze.

“Don’t be jealous.”

“You and your soon-to-be bimbo cheerleader pal should have tons to talk about,” Emily laughed, nodding to the door where the bell was still swinging.

“I hope she gets a good wardrobe,” Sarah mused, chewing on the tip of a polished nail.

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