Sample – The Goddess Returned: Help Wanted



In all his fevered fantasies, and there had been many in his nineteen years, he had never seen a woman so beautiful in the flesh. She was a fantasy made real, five and a half feet of pure lust. Striking red hair and piercing green eyes held him in place, full lips pursed as she considered the thin boy before her, sculpted brows raised in silent question. Her hands were placed on pronounced hips, her long and lean legs obvious below a tight black skirt, the red top that closely matched her hair criss-crossed over her chest to define D-cup breasts without displaying them. One black heel tapped the ground, rocking back on the high spike.


“And what have we here?” she asked, a smile in her voice. Like warm honey, her voice slid into his thoughts and nestled there, a hypnotic purr to the words Caleb hungered for.


“Sorry, I was-” Caleb frowned, trying to piece together the end of his sentence.


“Looking for a job?” she finished for him, and now the smile was on her lips as well as in her voice.




His eyes flitted from her mouth to her ample chest to her legs, but everywhere they fell, a pang of desire forced them away, only to light on another gorgeous feature of the woman. Finally, he found his shoes and held his gaze there.


“You’re a shy one,” the delectable siren noted, curling a finger to Caleb in invitation. “Come inside, let’s see what you’re made of.”


Caleb hesitated on the sidewalk, scanning behind him for a witness to his nervousness. The only person he saw was the woman in the consignment shop next door, who had moved on to shoes on a wooden shelf and had her back to him. With a hunch of his shoulders, Caleb crammed his hands into his jeans and crossed the threshold into the dark main room of the store.


Even inside, he could make no guess as to what the store sold. There was a display counter near the back of the store, dust collected to outline where a cash register once sat, but no more.


The seductress swung her hips as she walked, giving Caleb a long moment to ogle her round ass before she turned and folded her arms beneath her breasts, drawing his attention to the fact that her nipples were hard and pushed at the red fabric of her top.


“What’s your name, honey?”




“Ah, one of those names parents think is so unique. Biblical, is it?”


Caleb shrugged. “I dunno. I think they just liked the sound.”


The woman laughed, a deep sound that vibrated him from within, making his cock stir a little. She was older, had to be given her commanding nature, but looked no more than mid-twenties. She had that intense beauty that was almost shaming to be privy to, and Caleb found it difficult to look directly at her for long.


“You have any experience?”


“What?” he asked, a little too quickly.


“Work,” she grinned, “You have any experience working retail?”


“No. Not really. I did a summer at a concession stand at the pool, but not, like, a real store.”


“I think it still counts,” she said, moving now, circling Caleb, appraising him.


“What about other experience?”


“What kind?” he asked.


Her voice was in his ear as she leaned to him, and he could smell a rich musk that made his nostrils flare to capture more of it. Not a perfume exactly, something deeper and more primal, something that smelled to him like sweetened cum.


“Are you a virgin, Caleb? No shame if you are. In fact, that’s how I prefer it.”


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