Sample – The Goddess Returned: Girls’ Day Out



With each step she took, Sarah felt more and more alive. At first, she had been torn by memories of the person who had inhabited her body before, a nagging sense of having been something other than the joyous and gorgeous creature she was now. Something about being a boy, before meeting her Goddess. The thought made her nose wrinkle and a giggle bubble up from her belly. She liked boys, sure, and she was looking forward to her first time feeling one of their cocks ease between her legs and spill its seed inside her, but the thought of actually being one made her feel itchy and odd. She knew that, no matter the boy, she would never find a phallus to delight like that of her Goddess. As Cassandra put it, she was lust and fertility personified, and it took only an instant in her presence to feel the magnetic draw to be near her, to serve her and please her.
It made Sarah deliriously happy that she had been chosen to serve someone (something?) as perfect as Cassandra, and she would pinch herself to make sure it wasn’t some wonderful dream if her hand weren’t busy holding up the too-big shorts she wore, the final evidence of some other life led before.
Tucked in the pocket of said khaki cargo shorts was a roll of large bills taken from Cassandra’s purse, given to Sarah with strict orders that she was to go shopping and find something more appropriate to wear, and there was more than a little suggestion it should be something that drew more than a few glances her way.
In addition to the high she felt imagining her new clothes, not to mention the sheer bliss of serving her Goddess, Sarah was eager to see the boy who had texted her. The phone was hers, or, at least, it was in the pocket of the shorts she wore, but it was fairly plain for something in Sarah’s possession. Every inch of her needed to be adorned, highlighted and displayed, and that included her belongings. Even as she pranced down the sidewalk toward the single mall in the relatively small town, her heels naturally lifting even though she wore no shoes, she was garnering plenty of attention from the locals.
Sarah thought she could recognize some faces, but it could be more of the fading memories of the other who had been her, though she could recollect no face or distinct events from that life. She didn’t press her brain too much, either. It was far better to focus on what was important, and the first order of business was finding something to show her body off a little better.
The stares that followed her were the direct result of the general population having never experienced someone quite so obviously beautiful padding down their sidewalks, especially one in oversized boys’ clothes. She grinned at each one who met her crystal blue eyes, though far more of the passers-by dropped their heads rather than engage with someone so staggeringly lovely. They watched her blond hair bounce on her shoulders as she moved past, her wide hips swinging and offering the hint at the perfect curve of it beneath the drab khaki. It was clear she wore no bra, and big upturned breasts jiggled with each step, making the best argument to look away from her round, high-cheeked face with its prim bow of a pink mouth and large, lash-sheltered eyes.
For those who saw Sarah, she would haunt their thoughts. Women instantly hated her for being more beautiful, while still wanting to be in her company, to be associated with someone so perfect. Men dedicated her every curve and plane to memory, too shy to approach at first, relegated to hidden masturbatory moments with the image of Sarah frozen in their thoughts.
And the boy coming to meet her, the one who insisted on addressing her as Caleb, would be meeting in mere moments at the mall. She had to hurry and find something that would cover her, or reveal her in all the right ways, before he arrived. Something was pushing her to cast away these last remnants of the life before, and she was eager to comply. When she first spoke her name to a stranger, she did not want it to be in bare feet and the loose clothes of some casual stoner.
As if pulled along by invisible strings, Sarah made her way to a store called “Intimate Moments,” which made its money from a wide selection of clothes that would be considered risque anywhere but a nightclub or a bedroom. Sarah clapped her hands together and squealed at the lingerie and dresses, tight-fitting tops and barely-there bottoms that met her eyes at every turn.
“Can I help you?” a voice called from behind, and Sarah turned fast, her blond locks whipping around her head, to find a pretty girl with a name tag that announced her as ‘Mandy.’
“Hey there, Mandy,” Sarah grinned, her expression one of near-mad happiness. “I need a whole new wardrobe, but I think we’re going to have to settle for just one or two outfits today. First, I need some shoes.”
Mandy followed Sarah’s eyes down where bare feet awaited, pink-polish-tipped toes wiggling.
“Yeah, they don’t usually let people in without shoes,” Mandy wondered aloud, then took another look at the the curvy blond standing before her. With a body like hers, Mandy thought, it didn’t matter what rules you were breaking. Straight as an arrow, even Mandy wondered what that body looked like stripped free of the baggy clothing covering it.
“Let’s find some, then!”
Mandy followed rather than led, winding around displays until the found the rather limited selection of shoes – all heels, all tall.
“Oooh,” Sarah exclaimed, holding up one tall slingback, then discarded it for a bright pink platform heel. “This, for sure,” she nodded decisively.
“Okay, what size?”
Sarah tilted her head, sifting through her muddy memories until she found that she had no idea what size she was.
“I dunno,” she frowned. “What’s the sexiest size?”
Mandy, whose eyes were drifting down to the long, tan legs of her customer, found herself smiling at the notion that this young woman couldn’t even recall her shoe size, making her a perfect representation of the ditsy bimbo. She didn’t have the stained makeup or blank expression, but she was giggly and bouncy and smelled faintly of sex, but not in an obvious way. Mandy found herself inhaling more deeply, trying to place the scent precisely, getting lost in the attempts.


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