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Rubberwerks Big

Nareen followed the glowing orbs with her thumb, tapping her phone, watching the pixelated balloons explode with her touch. It was a stupid game, but it was better than staring at the cement walls of the drab building. The candy-coated music tinnily playing on the phone hid the wet footsteps behind her, the light playing off the oily skin of the form approaching from behind.

When one of the animated balloons reached the top of the phone’s screen and exploded, ending the game, she turned the display off with a sigh and tossed the thin phone onto her sleeping bag. She stretched, hearing her neck pop satisfyingly, then froze, arms still outstretched, head at an angle.

It was a footstep, but load and organic, the sound of flesh meeting stone, but with some other quality that chilled her. When it came again, she understood it was the damp sound of it that she found disturbing.

She seized the handle of the lantern and held it in front of her as she spun.

“Who’s there?”

“Nareen,” he said, marching slowly and steadily towards her.


His body glimmered in the light of the lantern, rippling with reflection as he moved steadily toward her. His face was beatific, head angled slightly to give his bliss an almost curious quality.

“Nareen,” he repeated.

She stepped backwards until her back struck the wall. His frozen smile, his unwavering gait, the slick oil that seemed to cover every inch of him – they all terrified her, heightened by his nudity and the rock-hard erection he sported.

“Stay back,” she whispered, brandishing the lantern before her like a weapon.

He paused, his smile widening. “It’s wonderful, Nareen. You don’t have to be afraid. We can be together. And it won’t be like before. No arguing. No misunderstandings. Only pleasure…”

His eyes rolled back in his head as he spoke the word. His cock twitched and spurted oily seed onto the ground ahead of him. She held her breath as she saw the deposit on the ground quiver and roll back to merge with the goo that covered his skin.

“What happened to you?” she whispered, crawling along the wall to the door. The jungle frightened her, especially at night, but the mysteries of the unfamiliar world outside were far more appealing than remaining indoors with this mockery of her boyfriend.

He had recovered from his climax, his eyes settling again on Nareen with that terrifyingly orgasmic smile, closing the distance. She grabbed the door handle and twisted it, pulling. A sliver of the night beyond filtered in through the cracked door, the sounds of the fauna spilling inside. Her panic was giving way to preparation for flight, her mind calculating her steps back to the trail, back to the small village they’d begun their hike in, back to the plane, to home.

His hand fell on hers, pushing the door firmly shut.

“You’ll be so happy,” he said as the ooze from his hand coated the back of hers, warm tingles spreading, penetrating her skin.

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