Sample – Pink Surrender: An Institute Tale

Pink Surrender

Another sumptuous dinner had been prepared when Carol returned to Lady B’s home, driven again by one of the latex-clad girls, this one in hot pink with a plug visibly inserted into her anus.

Carol ate quietly, distracted by the portraits of Lady B until she could finally point to the source of her confusion.

“Didn’t you have these on opposite walls last night?” She asked, indicating the portraits with her fork.

“I don’t think so,” Lady B said with a sly smile. “Although I do like the fact that you’re staring at my body. We never did get to have any fun when you were with me before.”

“I prefer professional men, you know that. And not because of you.”

“What is it then?” Lady B leaned forward, her chest resting on the table.

“There’s a normalcy to it, that’s all. I adore Nikki and I certainly have my own kinks, but there’s always been room in my life for the more vanilla flavors.”

“That’s always been your problem, Carol.”

“What’s that?” Carol asked, sitting straighter, genuinely curious.

“You mistake ‘normal’ for accepted. Acceptance is all about geography, hon. And here everything is accepted. Like the class you sat in on today. Those girls are going to bed tonight with their little pricks in their hands dreaming of a bigger piece of meat in their mouths. And they will fall asleep with a smile on their faces.”

“Not that they have any choice.”

Lady B waved the word away dismissively. “Choice is for the strong. The students here have made one last decision, and that’s for me to do the deciding for them. Nikki could do with some of that.”

“Oh? How was your time with Nikki?”

“Enlightening. She’s very much in love with you. It’s sad, really. The devotion she has can never be reciprocated the way she wants by you. She’s doomed to be always yearning for you.”

“That’s not true. I’m very fond of her. Him.”

“I think you could show that once in a while.”

“You were the one who impressed on me the importance of distance in the dominant.”

Lady B smiled and leaned back in her chair, hanging a leg off the arm. When she did so, her cock was made clearly visible beneath her skirt, and Carol found her eyes drawn to it, a decorative pink silk sleeve covering most of her shaft. Carol imagined that the silk sleeve must make hand jobs a frictionless affair and found herself blushing.

“I’ve changed my outlook since those days. Now, I believe in pleasure. I give it to all of my students and they give me their devotion. The difference between you and me is that I play with my toys.”

“Is that why they’re so devoted, then?”

“Oh, hon,” Lady B grinned between bites, “It’s because I am pleasure.”

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