Sample – Pink Evolution: An Institute Tale


August Dawes strode past the cubes in the center of the main room of The Pink Spy, unable to resist the urge to glance within. The doors built into the roof-less constructs had a single window at eye level which allowed the curious to see inside, the size giving the observer a look at almost all of the interior. With a glance to his left, he saw a dark-haired woman in a latex catsuit spinning around a pole which must have been anchored to the floor. She was slim and attractive, and far less endowed than many of the girls who worked at The Pink Spy.

Can I help you?” the high-pitched voice called from behind, and Dawes paused, turning to the source.

Darby had descended into a level of pink-ness that was hard to look at. From the bright pink of her hair, twisted into pigtails on either side, the matching halter dress that hugged her hips and showed off a healthy portion of her thighs, to the pink platforms that gave her a shuffling gait as she hurried after August. Her makeup was similarly shaded, and it appeared as if she had stepped through a shower of pink glitter on her way to work. He squinted a little as she drew nearer and he saw without much surprise that she had pink-hued contact lenses, too.

I’m here to see Lady B,” he said flatly.

Oh, she’s busy,” the vision of pink said, twisting one of her pink pigtails around a pink-nailed finger.

I don’t care if she’s busy. I have to see her right now. Tell her I’m coming up, if you want. In fact, tell her I know it was her.”

Darby’s ‘O’ of surprise was made more comical by the bright pink of her lip gloss. She looked like the most surprised pixie August had ever seen.

Turning away, he crossed the breadth of the room quickly and mounted the circular staircase that led to the office overlooking the workspace of The Pink Spy. By the time he knocked, the door was already opening, Lady B leading him inside and gesturing to a chair before her wide desk, littered with papers and photographs of, August assumed, potential employees.

Detective Dawes, what a nice surprise,” she said, settling into her leather chair. “I was afraid we’d seen the last of you around here.”

August stared at the woman on the other side of the desk, positively demure in comparison to the last time he’d seen her. Her skirt was almost to her knees, a tight pencil affair in black that suggested an unusual bulge at the crotch. A white blouse was buttoned almost to mid chest, the black, lacy bra beneath containing her abundant breasts. Even through the half-buttoned blouse and bra, he could make out the suggestion of her dark nipples against very tan skin.

I want to know what happened to Detective Collier.”

I suppose that makes two of us,” she smiled. “You more so than me. She was unnecessarily rude in my estimation. I’m sure she’ll turn up.”

Lady B couldn’t help a look out the window to the center-right cubicle where Dee Dee, formerly Dana Collier, fellated a well-endowed shemale named Tawny. Her enthusiasm was obvious, even from a distance. No amount of inspection would have suggested to August Dawes this girl was his former partner. Lady B’s alterations to her, both body and mind, ensured that.

I’m not so sure. In fact, I think you know more than you’re telling, Lady B. If I have to, I will get a warrant and not just for this business. I’ll get warrants for the strip club and the so-called school you run. I don’t want to do any of those things, but you’re not leaving me much choice. If I don’t get some answers, I’ll be so far up your ass, you won’t know what hit you.”

Promises, promises,” she purred, crossing her ankles on the desk and bouncing a dark heel from one crimson-painted toe. Her legs were short but well-shaped, and August hazarded a longer-than-appropriate look. “Detective Dawes, you seem like a nice man. I think wherever your partner has gone, she wants to be there. How about we call this visit a social one and leave it at that?”

I’m afraid I can’t do that. You’ll be hearing from me, Lady B.”

August stood, eyes drinking in the sight of those perfectly-formed legs again, as well as the vague bulge at her center, and turned to leave.

His hand whipped to the back of his neck, smacking the flesh as if disposing of a mosquito that had decided the nape of August’s neck was the dinner table. He held his hand up before him and saw two thin smears of red.

What the hell was that?” he asked, spinning to face Lady B again.

I have no idea what you mean,” she said, a wide smile on her face. One hand twisted in the air, gesturing as she spoke. The other hung loose at her side. If Dawes had bent more, he would have seen the device tossed just under the desk, hidden by its shadow. He would have noted how much it looked like a taser, or one of the laser guns they used on Star Trek. Instead, he rubbed the sore spot on the back of his neck and narrowed his eyes, filled with a careful consideration and deep suspicion.

I’ll be in touch,” he said and exited, the door rattling in the frame as he pulled it shut behind him.

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