Sample – Pink Erasure



Leaning back in her leather office chair, Lady B’s pink latex skirt was pulled up to reveal the thick member Aurora craved, the shaved plane of her pelvis decorated only by the veiny flesh rising like a monument to sex from her body.
August Dawes, former detective, was on his hands and knees, the frilly black skirt of his maid’s uniform raised so that Aurora had a clear view of his ass. Beside him on the carpeted floor, his wife, Bella, dressed in a red cutaway minidress that displayed her hips and tits prominently, shared her sissy husband’s worship of Lady B’s shaft, their tongues slipping down each side as they took turns descending on the cock with reverent suction.
“Mmmm,” Lady B purred, her drooping eyes opening a little wider as she registered Aurora’s presence, “don’t be jealous, baby. They’ll be done in a minute and you can lick up what they miss.”
Aurora’s cock stirred, the thought of degrading herself for her lover lighting a flame of need. It would be so easy to forget Lady B’s dangerous behavior and sink down to her knees with her other slaves, to curl her pierced tongue under the tip of that glorious shecock and accept her baptismal seed. It was difficult to push the thoughts away, and again she wondered of this was conditioning or part of the hunger that led her into Lady B’s arms in the first place.
“I don’t want to interrupt,” Aurora said, shifting on her heels, her tight black leather skirt easing up her thighs a bit. “I wanted to let you know that I’m leaving.”
“Keep it up, sluts,” Lady B said, her attention turned back to the husband-and-wife blowjob team, and they obeyed with renewed vigor. She looked back to the red-haired shemale in her doorway. “A vacation? I think I could use one myself. Darby can hold down the fort for a day or two. Once someone explains what a fort is to her,” she said and giggled.
“No, I mean I’m leaving. Alone. And I’m not coming back.”
Lady B straightened in the chair, pulling her cock away from her pets, who hugged against her thighs to maintain their closeness to the sex that filled their thoughts. She shoved them both roughly away, spilling Bella onto her back, exposing her pussy and the thin line of hair that led to the dripping slit.
“You two, go. Aggie, I want you back at the Institute at once. And Bella, I’ll find you at the Pussycat later.”
“Yes, Lady B,” they said in harmony and Bella led her sissified husband away.
Lady B spun in the office chair and centered herself behind the desk, assuming a more regal pose. “You want to tell me what the fuck you’re thinking, Aurora? I was under the impression we’d had this conversation, and you knew the alternative to being my assistant. One way or another, you will serve. If that means I have to wrap you up in latex and mindfuck you until there’s nothing left but obedience to me, I’m fine with that. You don’t think I can make another one just like you?”
Aurora approached the desk, leaning down with her hands gripping the corners, her bending pose giving Lady B a fine view of the dark valley formed by the globes on Aurora’s chest. Her nipples were pushing hard against the matching leather bustier, and the simple nearness of Lady B made her resistance more difficult. Already, she was imagining Lady B circling the desk and placing a firm hand on the back of her neck, forcing her head against the desk’s surface while another pink-nailed hand raised the black skirt, the round tip of Lady B’s shecock pressing against her tight button and…
“I know you can,” Aurora said, trying to disguise the erection that ached to be touched, tenting the form-fitting leather skirt. “That’s why I wanted to ask you one last time to stop this craziness. Already, other police have come sniffing around for any sign of Dawes and Collier.”
“Let them,” Lady B hissed. “I’ve been thinking of opening a second Pink Spy. We’ll need staff.”

Aurora clutched the ends of the desk until her knuckles drained white, her jaw set as she looked into the eyes of her creator. It wasn’t enough Lady B wielded such power over her devoted followers, she had to consume anyone who dared oppose her.
“You know I love you. Whatever else you did to me, you made me happy. Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?”
“Help me?” she asked, a bark of incredulous laughter following. “What could you possibly do to help me, besides look like I want you to look and suck my cock when I desire it? I don’t know where you got this idea that you’re an equal to me, but, trust me, I have ways of correcting that kind of thinking.”
Aurora, eyes damp with emotion, drew close, bending beside Lady B’s chair, turning the beautiful futa toward her. “Have you considered for one second what would happen if you were gone? If you were arrested and sent away? Not just to you, but to every member of this family you’ve made for yourself. Most of them are blindly obedient to you, and what is their life without you? How will they survive if you’re not there to please?”
For a moment, Aurora thought she was getting through to Lady B, the dominant shemale’s eyes squinting in thought. Aurora had already moved past the apologies they would exchange, imagining her head buried in Lady B’s lap as she licked and sucked until Lady B offered up her seed as reward for such compassion and care.
Instead, Lady B laughed, this time long and loud. “Your weakness, Ian, has always been that you preferred to be led. Don’t try to play the alpha, now. You are and always will be a beautiful cocksleeve for me, and the only reason I don’t erase what’s left of you right now is because I honestly believe you think speaking to me this way is the right thing to do. So, I’m going to let this go one last time.” And now Lady B leaned forward in the chair, the intoxicatingly sweet perfume drifting into Aurora’s nose and mouth nearly sapping the last of her resistance away. She spoke slowly, enunciating each word, her lips and tongue wrapping around the words she spoke like a serpent around its prey. “If you say one more word about my methods or question me again, I’ll reduce you to less than nothing. Scratch that. I’ll leave the part of your mind that understands punishment intact so you are reminded each day that your life of bondage and servitude is the result of your impudence. Am I clear?”
“Yes, Lady B,” Aurora said, rising. “I’m sorry I disturbed you.”
“Where do you think you’re going, slut?” Lady B called from behind Aurora, freezing her a half-dozen steps from the office door.
“Back home. To the manor.”
“When you’re done. Don’t you think you should thank me for my forgiveness?”
Aurora turned back, shivering as Lady B spread her legs, her hand wrapped around her thickening cock to tempt Aurora, gently stroking it to its full length.
“Yes,” Aurora whispered, her own flesh tumescent with her need for Lady B.
“Crawl, then.”


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