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Sienna wasn’t shocked to find pornography on her son’s computer, not at all. He was just eighteen, three months away from graduation, and had, she was sure, a healthy appetite for sex. Or so she had believed until a little snooping gave her reasons to doubt fundamental assumptions about David.

It was not her habit to spy on her son, and even now, sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at the computer screen on the adjacent desk, she told herself she had no intention of betraying his privacy. It had been on, after all, a login screen awaiting the simple touch of a key. Sienna thought it might be a game he was playing, or maybe one of the social sites that Father Lowell warned against at Immaculate Conception. She knew from the news that teenagers were spending most of their time online these days, and usually in some dark corners of the web that were reserved for deviants and pedophiles.

This, though, was unexpected. It was game, she supposed, but she saw no real no goals or objectives. It was more like a group of digital dolls, presumably operated by others using the game, huddled together in a room that appeared to be the interior of a rundown warehouse. She watched as chat between the characters scrolled by in the lower left of her screen. One of them, a dark-haired woman, inasmuch as a digital approximation could be female, called herself Mistress Olivia. She sat in a virtual red throne, other girls at her feet, sitting on deep red cushions, some cross-legged while other sat on their knees. As the chat scrolled up, she watched Mistress Olivia talk to her ‘sweet girls,’ commanding one of them to stand and reveal a caged penis, small even by these virtual standards. Sienna could see this emasculated character’s name was WannaBeGirly, and the way the character responded to Mistress Olivia suggested total and unwavering obedience.

“You look so pretty, today, WannaBe,” the virtual Mistress spoke through chat, “Are you wearing your pretty panties like I asked you to?”

“Yes, Mistress,” WannaBe replied quickly, “I feel so wonderfully feminine.”

“You are my pretty sissy girl. Say it.”

“I am your pretty sissy girl, Mistress.”

Sienna watched the rest of the chat scroll by, stunned at the humiliating manner in which Mistress Olivia spoke to the feminine characters around her, all of which, she understood, to be young men and older who enjoyed the domination and feminization their online Mistress commanded.

“Don’t be shy, Dani. You’ve earned a place at my feet with the others.”

Sienna watched for a moment, then gasped when she realized that Mistress Olivia was directing the conversation at her, or the character David was using – Dani. At the lower center of the screen, Sienna studied this virtual form her son crafted for himself, blonde-haired, slight of frame, but certainly a woman in appearance. The dress Dani wore was pink, with white frills that lifted the skirt and gave the character a youthful and almost doll-like appearance, complete with pink ribbons tied into the curling blonde hair.

“Don’t just stand there, Dani. I said come here and kneel.”


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