Sample – Parental Guidance 2: Woman of the House



Almost directly beneath the bed where his wife lay, listening to Olivia spawn a new litany of desires, Michael was at his computer desk, his panties hugging his semi-hard member as he knelt by his digital Mistress.  After the denial of the previous night, he found it difficult to concentrate at work that day, his mind returning again and again to his perpetual state of arousal.

‘Have you been a good girl for me?’ Mistress Lacey asked him upon logging in.

‘Yes.  I haven’t touched myself hardly at all and I definitely didn’t cum,’ he replied.

‘Very good girl.  Are you wearing your panties for me?’

‘Yes,’ he responded quickly, hoping for new instructions.  It was always better when he was given something to do, an order to obey.

‘Good.  Find a new dress for yourself.  The one you wear now is a little too elegant for you.  Something that shows what a dainty little thing you are.’

‘Yes, Miss,’ he typed and went back to his browser, shopping for something that would better define him in his online life as the sissy he so desperately wanted to be.  It took several pages of searching before he found something that looked satiny and frilly, something that would not have been out of place on a younger girl dressed for Sunday School.  He assembled the outfit in a series of tabs until he had matched the dress with white stockings and ribbons for his avatar’s hair.  It made him look youthful and very feminine.

He sent the links to Mistress Lacey in a private window and there was a painfully long pause that followed.  Finally, ‘Very good.  Get them and wear them, my sweet sissy.’

In short order, Donna was dressed in these new clothes, kneeling at his Mistress’s feet.  Seeing himself, or at least his virtual self, in such a state made his cock hard and in need of touch.  Still, he kept his hands away.  It was so much better when he was told.

‘How does my sissy feel?’

‘Horny,’ he replied honestly.

‘Good.  My sissy should always feel sexy and horny.  Now I want you to cum, but be careful not to stain your pretty panties.’

Michael needed no more invitation.  Tucking the waist of his pretty underwear beneath his scrotum, he held his cock in his hand finally, stroking himself, the image of Donna fixed in his mind, her place at the feet of the Mistress, the way she had given him such wonderful instruction.  In less than two minutes, he was exploding, his cum striking the top of the computer desk as well as pooling in his hand where he still held his rod, savoring the shuddering orgasm that came with his obedience.

He shamefully wiped the evidence of his masturbatory bliss on the tee shirt he wore.

‘Thank you,’ he typed, his fingers still warm and sticky.

‘Is the cum on you, sissy?’

‘Yes.’  There was something heavenly about the ability to display this sort of honesty.

‘Taste it.  Lick your fingers.’

He hesitated.  He had never taken this step before.

‘Do it.  A good sissy loves the taste of cum.  Are you a good sissy?’

‘Yes,’ he replied, very aware of the slick feeling between his fingers left by the remaining seed.

‘Then lick your fingers, slut.’

Michael closed his eyes, unaware even then if it was because of delight or shame, or if there was a difference any longer, and slipped his fore- and middle fingers past his lips and sucked.  The taste wasn’t strong, but it was distinct, strangely salty in its flavor and slippery in its texture.  The thought that first occurred to him was ‘It’s not too bad,’ followed quickly by ‘Now, I’ve tasted semen.’

Now that he began, he licked the rest of his fingers clean, then his palm, too, ensuring that he’d cleaned his hand entirely before he returned it to the keyboard.

‘Done,’ he typed.

‘How did it taste?’

He did his best to describe it, but the words failed to capture the precise flavor of his cum.  Still, he must have done a good enough job of the task to elicit a positive response from his online Mistress.

‘Very good, sissy.  Do you like the idea of licking up cum?’


‘Good girl.  I want you to cum at work tomorrow.  When you do, lick it up.’

‘Yes, Miss Lacey,’ he replied, hard again at the thought of his new debasement.

‘Go to bed now, sissy.  See you tomorrow.’

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